A Guide To Be In Control Of Your Happiness
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A Guide To Be In Control Of Your Happiness

In reality, it all stems from you.

A Guide To Be In Control Of Your Happiness

In this world that seems more chaotic every day, it’s so easy to feel like your mood or happiness is out of your control. All it takes is a few mental changes to make sure you are the only keeper of your happiness in life. Here are a few ways to make your joy truly your own.

1. Do something you know makes you happy.

One of the things that baffles me about humans in general, is that all of us know at least one thing that makes us happy - yet we rarely ever spend time doing it. That seems so backwards. If you know a few things that genuinely brighten your day, actively include them in your life. Whether it costs money or not, your happiness is priceless so make it work.

2. Stop paying attention to trends.

I get it, believe me. Nothing feels better than being a part of the big trends and feeling like you “fit in." But trends do nothing for you except give you something new in your life you “need” to have or leave you with a left out feeling. If the trend is completely and 100 percent honestly your thing, then go for it. But if you are following along just to be in with the newest fad, maybe take a second look at it. Do what feels right and will truly bring you happiness.

3. Don’t worry about others.

I see this the most in the kids I work with but I think it applies to everyone. It gets easy to pay more attention to what others are doing and get on their case when it isn’t what you deem a good idea. This can be toxic. All it does is bring a tone of anger into your life and make you upset over things that do not even effect you. Worry about yourself and the issues affecting your life and it will limit the negatives coming from others.

4. But helping others is always a good idea.

Don’t make other people’s battles your own, but nothing brings an air of happiness quite like making a positive difference in others' lives. Volunteering and helping in your community can mean passing out water or cheering at a race, walking dogs who don’t get much attention or donating time or supplies to a shelter. Anything you can think of to help brighten the day of someone else will most likely bring you some happiness at the same time.

5. A positive attitude makes all the difference.

Sometimes the negatives are more prominent than the positives, but they are always there, big or small. Finding them and openly recognizing them makes life overall livelier. Training your mind to do this is tricky, but a positive mind brings the upbeat vibe to your life and finding them gives you some more control.

6. Be grateful for what you have already.

By taking into account what your life already holds, it gives you the power to be happy where you are. When you constantly focus on things you don’t own or are out of your reach, you will never feel satisfied and happy in your current life. Dreaming is good, goals are great but being grateful gives you more than both of those.

7. Take time to unwind.

Unwinding is the unforgotten savior. You are far more capable of being happy and being in control of that happiness when you are relaxed. It won’t take days or hours to do this, just a short 20 minutes here or there to stay on track. Even a drive home from work with your favorite songs does the trick.

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