I hope I'm not the only girl, or even person, who has had times when a good, fat crying session was needed. Sometimes it's after a stressful day or work, sometimes it's when you're on your period, and sometimes it's just when you need to cry. It happens. Sometimes I'll sit there all fine one second and the next, I feel like bawling my eyes out. Okay, maybe not to that degree, but you all know what I mean.

More often than not, the emotions just build up and you need a trigger to cry and get it all off your chest. For me, sometimes I lay in bed and play some sad music or movies and let myself have a hearty cry, or other times, I'll run myself a nice bubble bath with some candles and I'll play sad music and let it all out. There's no right or wrong way to do it.

If you need help triggering a good cry, here's hoping these songs and movies will help!

Disclaimer: I think most of these will revolve around love and broken hearts. They're just easy to cry to.

1. Movie: Cyberbully with Emily Osment

If I had to be honest, I probably watch this movie every other month. The scene where she reaches her breaking point and almost swallows the pills gets me every time! This whole movie definitely tugs at my heart strings and the buildup to the big scene will leave you ready for nice cry.

2. Song: Be Alright x Dean Lewis

The slow, smooth beat of the music and his sad lyrics get me every time. I think my heart breaks every time I play this song.

3. Undone x Haley Reinhart

I scream these lyrics at the top of my longs and I'm not ashamed.

4. Song: Can't Help Falling In Love x Haley Reinhart

This song may seem overrated because at one point everyone was blasting this and singing to it, but I promise, it does the trick.

5. Song: When You Love Someone x James TW

His voice is beautiful, his lyrics are beautiful, and the instrumentals are beautiful. Enough said.

6. Movie: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Absolutely do not watch this if you don't want your heart broken. Be prepared for your eyes to start flooding.

7. Song: The Fall x Bryce Vine

My heart has a soft spot for Bryce Vine. Nothing like a song about heartbreak and moving on to get the tears to start.

8. Song: Monsters x Timeflies (ft. Katie Sky)

Basically a song about suffering your monsters alone and needing someone to help you go through tough times.

9. Song: Catching On x Elephant (ft. Nevve)

Another song about losing yourself to love. Basically all about catching feelings despite being led on.

10. Song: Plans x Elephante (ft. Brandyn Burnette)

A beautiful, meaningful song about finding that one in a lifetime love. That sounds like such a happy song but the beats are a little sad so it tends to bring me down a little.

11. Song: Wounds x Quinn XCII

We all know how it feels to go back and fourth in a relationship and just wanting to move past it.

12. Song: Lights Down Low x MAX

Nothing like a soft song with some instrumentals to pull at your heart strings. The lyrics hit me hard.

So these happened to be all songs and barely any movies but I hope this does the trick for you!