There is very little that we do not go through in college: from work and school to relationships and romance, there is very few things that college students don't have exposure to, mentally.

Personally, I have gone through such a period of transformation and growth recently and repeatedly.

Here are some phases that can occur as your college education continues: some good, some bad, and some in between.

1. The Freshman Fifteen


So, yes it’s real. When I went home, my parents graciously mentioned it to me.

i think the reason this phase occurs for most incoming new college students is because now we have the space to choose our own diet and times of eating that we really take many liberties with our diet that our parents restricted us on, but now that we have the freedom to do anything, we do it.

This leads to the famous freshman fifteen.

Personally, this was a time of growth for me because it made me understand why I couldn’t have pizza every day even though I could and how much vegetables are really important in a person’s diet. Being responsible for my own food and times of eating is something that is definitely something I couldn’t learn without going through this.

2. The Sophomore Slump


This phase was unique because I had not heard of it before and I didn’t actually realize it was happening until I was smack in the middle of it.

According to the friends I have (very reliable, I know), the sophomore slump is the time where you let go of your freshman friends or even your freshman activities and make a different path for yourself. This could look like many things: maybe you change your future career, or choose different friends to hang out with, or change the clubs you are in, or even gain a different perspective of things that you haven’t even considered before.

For me, it was a mix of all and it was really overwhelming to go through that but looking back, I’m really glad I did.

3. The Junior Hustle


This is not an official phase (though it definitely should be) and yes it doesn’t alliterate, so a rename is due but the Junior Hustle is a time of great productivity and stress. Junior year is arguably the toughest year in high school and that doesn’t change for college. This is the time to get that internship, figure out what you want to focus on, and build relationships with mentors and professors to further your goals which are all stressful tasks that are important and time sensitive.

This is definitely a time to focus on your inner growth and professional development and that leaves out less time for socialization which can be an important support system to rely on especially during this overwhelming time.

So for all the juniors out there, hang in there and make sure to make time for yourself this year!

4. Senioritis


I have some vivid memories of my senior year in high school consisting of getting ready to get out of there already but also at the same time, terrified to do so.

Is that going to be the same for my graduating year? For folks who are graduating early or late, senioritis may look a little different for you and that’s completely okay. College is not a race and everyone is on their own path.

I’m not ready to get out of UCLA into the real world (or wherever I end up).

The bubble of UCLA is suffocating but comfortable.

I am a junior so yes, I have felt all the previous phases of sophomore slump and freshman fifteen but this is also just s\specific to my experience at college. Everyone has a different perspective of what college is like to them so these might resonate with you or it may be completely new concepts which is totally fine.

I feel that no matter which phases you go through in college, growth is always the overlying one.