My Goddess, My Goddess

My Goddess, My Goddess

My dear, beloved Goddess

You are my soul

You are my breast.

From Zeus's head

You hath come alive

With brains and bosom

You have truth and pride.

Like the moon, My Goddess

You bring me light

You change in moments

From sun to night.

Without you, My Goddess

The world is dull

I long for freedom

From my hunger's control.

My Goddess, My Goddess

Show me the way

This labyrinth of corridors

Has taken me away.

The monster within calls

For my slaughter sword

Could you handle blood?

With head on board.

Once slaughter has ceased

Do you forgive me?

For killing yet another

An enemy of thee.

You lead me out

From stone-cold hell

My lion it bellows

A proud hero's yell.

My Goddess, My Goddess

To you I obey

Your love conquered me

In every possible way.

A journey to travel

And win thou heart

Treacherous shoes to fill

Unsure where to start.

To battle one's family

Is ugly and rare

For the love I bear thee

There's no chance to spare.

The good must triumph

Devour the wretched kin

With the flute I hold

She will suffer in sin.

My Goddess, My Goddess

I've conquered my fight

I've rescued our love

You've fulfilled my hero's right.

My Goddess, My Goddess

You are my soul

You enlighten the world

With each myth told.

My Goddess, My Goddess.