Taking a break from updating and informing you all on the depressing and sad environmental issues and disasters occurring in the world, and giving you a piece that has great news regarding the green incentives being taken by companies reducing their carbon footprint, and cleaning up as much as they can for a healthier environment and world for us all! Two situations that have occurred in the past couple of days, was while I was doing some (very rare) online shopping ( I have been reducing my carbon footprint as well as limiting my consumption of goods this past year, hence why it is a very rare online shopping search), and while I was at work discussing green incentives of a company we buy goods from, with a territory account manager.

Etsy has always been one of my favorite online stores. I have never been a huge online consumer, as I am the type of person that feels more comfortable trying things on or seeing the item in person, but when it comes to a last minute sort of scenario, I turn myself into just another convenient consumer in society. After finalizing my purchase on Etsy, there was an option to "learn more" about how Etsy is becoming the first online shopping destinations to offset 100% of their carbon emissions. There is an environmental impact of our culture of convenient consumption, from shipping emissions. The travel of products we order, contributes to climate change from the green house gases being emitted into our atmosphere.

Another online store we buy products from the company I am currently interning for, has also been embracing these "green change." I had the chance to sit one on one with the territory account manager, and ask her how her company is changing, and if they are embracing more green efforts and sustainable products, to reduce their carbon footprint.

It's great to see the initiatives being taken by Etsy, as well as others. It's incredibly important for other companies and businesses to follow pursuit in the reduction of green house gases, and accelerate the change being made to an eco friendlier company.