It’s no surprise how much my family means to me. Throughout my entire college experience, it’s been such a pleasure to befriend and add to our Greek family. The normal scenario is that by the time one approaches their later years in a Greek chapter, they are distant from the surroundings of their Greek fam or of the participation in a chapter, at least in comparison to their early years. Me? I have only grown closer to them — especially to the newest members themselves.

In particular, a specific one of my family members has been a huge role in my life. As a friend, sister, and an influential person, I owe so much to my great grand little, who I’ve become so close to in just a short amount of months. She deserves the world.

1. She picks me up when I’m down

I’ve always been someone who doesn’t like to share my negative emotions with just anyone. However, it didn’t take long until I was ready to open up and share every complaint, worry, etc. to this gal, with the return of positive affirmations and significant advice. The types of friendships that allow this to be a norm are the ones worth having, which is exactly what she’s proven to me.

2. She can take a joke

She knows that her quirky antics and her weird habits are allowed to be made fun of. She can make fun of herself just as well as she can make fun of me, and we’ve created so many inside jokes together.

3. Our relationship is based on spoiling one another

When you get a new member to add to the family, it’s always so fun to shower them with gifts and all sorts of little goodies. In return, without me ever expecting it, she has showered me with gifts, from birthdays to Christmas to just for fun in-between. How lucky am I?

4. She has brought so much excitement and joy to my life

Whether it is a quick trip to get ice cream or a typical fam night, she is always down to do absolutely whatever at all hours of the day. Whenever we’re separated, we’re constantly texting each other making up plans so we can see each other immediately.

5. She gives me a purpose

For all of the times that she has come to me for advice and help or just a want to hang out, it has given me the purpose to feel wanted and needed and to stay relevant. As mentioned before, it has been a norm within sororities to distance yourself from most things. Having a great grand little has kept me involved and kept me feeling like I have a need to stay around and help with whatever she needs.

Whether it’s homework help, advice on life, or just a hug when times get hard, it feels great to be that older role model figure in her life.

Even though this may be my final year in the sorority and doing my undergrad, it has been such a pleasure to have an amazing grand little like the one that I have. I’ll forever be thankful for my relationship and for all of the memories we have created thus far. The adventures have only just begun.