Momma Amy,

There are so many things I want to say to you to express my gratitude, but no words will ever suffice. I was introduced to softball before I met you, but you helped me to continue my passion for my first love through the years. I owe so much to you because you helped me keep my love for this beautiful game going through the years.

I have so many amazing memories on and off the field with our Hotshots, and none of those ever would have been possible if it wasn't for you. You brought together a group of girls, some of us who had never met before or even played, and you made a team out of us. Were we always a great team? No, but that didn't matter, because we had fun on the field and we played as friends. You fostered a love for the game and a love for each other. I remember the time that my high school boyfriend broke up with me, and you and the girls helped me through that first day by cracking jokes and making me laugh through the entirety of our game. It's that kind of atmosphere that you held as the standard for us as a team, to love one another and lift each other up.

You also made the game fun. You made sure to do team bonding and to incorporate fun drills into our practices. We practiced hard, but we practiced fun because we made sure to carry that fun over onto the field. Not to mention, whenever a rainy November night came, we always took advantage of the wet field for sliding practice, which would then turn into my mother having to lay a towel down in her car so I didn't track clay into her car (sorry mom!). It's these things that you did that helped to foster a true love for our team and for the beautiful game.

My love for softball is stronger than ever, and though I don't get to play it as often or as competitively as I used to, I will always look back on the game so fondly, because of the memories and the fun that you helped to create. So thank you, Momma Amy, for being an amazing, loving coach.


Your Pitbull