Ariana Grande Is Not Responsible For Mac Miller's Death And Needs To Be Left Alone

Ariana Grande Is Not Responsible For Mac Miller's Death And Needs To Be Left Alone

Women are not obligated to put their partners back together.


I have seen many people speaking about how Mac Miller has positively influenced their lives and it has been heartwarming to read. But unfortunately, these loving comments have been overshadowed by the "fans" that have used his death as an excuse to attack Ariana Grande. She had already dealt with her fair share of abuse from his fans before his death, because shortly after she had broken up with him, Miller got charged with a DUI. His fans held Grande responsible because she began dating Pete Davidson, her current fiancé, soon after her breakup with Miller.

One fan, in particular, believed that it was wrong of her to leave him because he had written a song about her, which suggests that Grande owed him a relationship with her. It completely ignores the fact that she believed their relationship was toxic because of his battle with substance abuse. She decided to break up with Miller for her own sake, not because she no longer cared for him. Few of his fans were able to understand this, so all of the hate Grande received after their breakup came flooding back at her, except worse, after Miller's death.

Immediately after his death was announced, people took to Grande's Instagram account and left comment after comment blaming her for Miller's death. The hate was so horrible that she turned off her comment section only a few hours after the news of his death was released.

Our society has made it a habit to expect the girlfriends of men to take care of them as if they are a child. Many of Miller's fans believed that Grande was supposed to help cure him of his addiction because it was her duty as his girlfriend. They thought it was cruel that she left him when he needed her to be sober, but that is a harmful expectation to have of anyone. It was not Grande's job to put Miller back together. We can all only be responsible for ourselves.

Women are always expected to spread ourselves too thin and give to everyone around us without expecting any form of support in return. We are seen as caregivers, so if we do not neglect ourselves in order to help our loved ones, then we are seen as terrible people.

However, it is unfair to Grande to assume that because she broke up with Miller, that she must have never cared about his sobriety in the first place. One of Miller's friend's, Shane Powers, spoke on his podcast about how Grande was there for Miller when he was trying to sober up. He stated,

"There could not have been anybody more supportive of him being sober than Ariana. I saw that. I was around it. I took phone calls from her: 'How do I help? What do I do?' This little girl was unbelievably involved and helpful to him being healthy."

Of course, she wanted him to be sober and get his life back on track because she cared for him deeply. Grande gave him the support he needed, but she was not going to do it at the expense of her own mental health. Before anything else, we must care for ourselves.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with Grande's decision to end her relationship with Miller and she should not feel guilty for his death. The only person that caused Miller's death is Miller himself. Addiction is a terrifying illness and it is extremely sad that Miller lost his life because of it, but Grande is not to blame.

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