Graduation is probably one of the best days ever. It's the closing of a chapter in our book of life and the beginning of a new one. For some, this new chapter means starting a job, for others, it means going to school for a few more years so that they can graduate again and have an even better job in their chosen field.

When someone graduates, these will be the best graduation gift ideas they're looking forward to getting.

If your grad is graduating from high school and is taking on America's Brightest Orange at Oklahoma State in the fall, these are some graduation gift ideas that will be put to great use over the next four years of their lives.

1. Cowboy boots.

At OSU boots are acceptable for almost every situation, but they're more than acceptable for football games, or really even preferred. On game days, we wear boots. To the Tumbleweed, we wear boots, to Outlaws, we wear boots. The list goes on and on. Boots are a must. If you buy your grad a pair of boots, they will most definitely thank you later.

2. Gundy gear.

#GundyForPrez. The mullet man himself is famous at OSU. Head football coach, awesome mullet, and the hottest dad bod (literally) around. What's not to love? There is plenty of "#MulletPower" gear in the bookstore, but it's expensive. Help your grad out.

3. Water/snow proof backpack.

There's a lot of walking from class to class. Class is never canceled, like ever, so your grad is going to have to brave the elements to get there. I suggest investing in a durable, water/snow proof backpack for your grad. Cute Vera Bradley backpacks just won't cut it anymore, unless they're into soggy books and wet homework.

4. Chapstick stockpiles.

As lame as this one sounds, hear me out. It is so windy all the time. Wind blows up, down, sideways, backward, and all those directions at all times. The wind definitely comes "sweeping down the plains" here. Your grads' lips will stay so chapped unless they carry chapstick wherever they go. Don't doubt me on this. Your grad is bound to lose one of his or her chapsticks at least once a week so you might just buy them the biggest bulk quantity you can find.

5. An OSU flag.

You need one of these to fly from your balcony, your porch, your dorm door, or to decorate your wall with. Let your spirit fly, literally.

6. Parking garage permits.

These bad boys are expensive, but it could mean the difference in walking half a mile or two miles to class. It also could mean the difference inhaling hail dents or not. Even better, it benefits your grad year round!

7. Scantrons and blue books.

I swear professors use these things religiously. They're relatively inexpensive, but it's the worst feeling in the world, showing up for a test, and not having one. These would make good filler gifts in a graduation goodie bag -- they would actually pair nicely with the chapstick if you're looking for small gifts.

8. T-Shirt money.

There are about 12 billion different t-shirt sales on campus for different things. Be prepared for your grad to come home with about 15 new tees every semester. Those can add up, especially those Greek, Comfort Colors t-shirts! A t-shirt fund would be greatly appreciated.

9. Orange/black Kendra Scott jewelry.

Another game day staple, but also perfect for the school spirited headshot. You can't go wrong in buying quality jewelry and you can never go wrong with America's Brightest Orange. #GoPokes

10. Cowboy button downs.

Another game day staple that can be dressy or casual. It makes the fellas look sharp and clean cut, but full of school spirit. It also means they don't need to change after the game to go to the strip.

11. Laptop stickers.

Having killer laptop stickers is always a good thing. It can be anything you want it to be, and honestly the kind of stickers you use, I really think shows a bit of your personality. Be unique! An OSU sticker of some sort is a must.

11. Rain boots.

A lot like the importance of owning cowboy boots, rain boots are really helpful because when it rains, well, it's wet. Stillwater turns into "Flood" water. Save the little piggies from drowning and invest in a pair of these for your grad.

12. Water bottles.

OSU is a pretty "green" campus. Help your grad reduce waste by buying them a refillable water bottle. Personalize it with a monogram or let your grad use some of their new laptop stickers to personalize their water bottle. Stay hydrated!

13. Rancher's Club gift certificates.

Rancher's Club is expensive AF. But your grad needs to eat there at least once as a student! The food is so worth it. It gives your grad an opportunity dress up and go out (on campus) for a nice meal.


This isn't an essential specific to OSU, but it's essential to college in and of itself. Even if your grad doesn't drink a ton of coffee, give them a semester, it will become their life water. Bulk quantities of Keurig pods are a Godsend.

15. Quality earbuds.

OSU is a busy place, in between classes is a great time to study, but sometimes that can be hard with so much going on around your grad. The student union, around noon, can be deafening. Invest in a good pair of quality earbuds for your grad so that they can drown everything out when they need to. Maybe even a wireless set, so that they can listen to their music in class without their prof. knowing?!