Stop Lying To Yourself, Talking Shit Is Good For You

Stop Lying To Yourself, Talking Shit Is Good For You

At least I’m just honest enough to admit it.

I gossip, okay? I love hearing my friends' latest drama with the boy they’re talking to, the stuff they have to say about the girl in their Spanish class that thinks she knows everything and all the sh*t about someone they just simply don't like. Everyone needs to vent and I’m here to listen, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own sh*t to talk. I think gossiping a little is honestly healthy as long as you’re not spreading evil and hateful rumors or saying things that are completely untrue about a person or a situation.

People have been gossiping since the beginning of time — I mean how the heck do you think people heard town news back in the good ole days? Gossip, b*tch! Talking about people, spilling the beans and blasting news has gotten a bad rep in recent years, but gossip can help us learn about ourselves and the world around us. Gossiping or spilling the tea builds community and why not unite together to pass a class you hate or make your friends feel less alone in their struggles. Listen to what’s happening in other’s lives and maybe you might just understand yourself and your environment better.

We all gossip at some point in our life so go ahead and talk a little crap because you might just learn something. Also, for all you haters out there that say you’re not a gossip or that you don’t gossip you’re telling yourself a huge fib. I’m one of the biggest gossips I know and I’m happy to admit it!

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To My Parents Who Are Under-appreciated

This isn't a thank you or an apology, I just want you to know how much I love you.

This letter isn’t a thank you or an apology. I wrote this letter with the intention of sharing it with my parents, so they can see how much they truly mean to me. Growing up, I never spent much time at home and was always looking for ways to pick fights. An opportunity sat before me, I chose to take that opportunity to set it straight. If you were or are anything like me, know that it’s never too late to set things straight.

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m not writing this letter because I’m upset with you, like I’ve done a hundred times over and over again throughout my childhood. There’s no need to hold on to words that didn’t offer any solutions to our fights; throw them away. Save this letter, because from this point on, this is the only letter that matters.

It’s an unusual feeling being a thousand miles away from you. You’ve always been there by my side — even when I didn’t want you to be there. I pushed you away. Somewhere between Barbie dolls and ballerina shoes, our relationship was shattered and abandoned. My inherited stubbornness and unbreakable determination to be independent swept the few pieces that remained to the wind before building a brick wall in its place.

The other night, I stayed up late wondering where everything went wrong and the sudden circumstances that suddenly brought us so close. I hate that it had to happen this way; that we had to wait so long to rebuild our kinship.

Being away at school this past year made me realize growing up is scary. I tell myself that I’m not ready to take on the world myself even though a mere six months ago I was ready to break all bonds and take it head-on alone.

Now, I sit in my dorm room calling to tell you I have a hang nail on my finger or that I ate a salad for dinner and how proud you should be of newly acquired eating habit. There is no true reason for my phone call, just a small glimmer of hope that your voices might fill the absence of a hug. Most days I wish I didn’t have to sit in a car for twelve hours and cross two state lines to receive that hug.

Dad, you are my loudest and proudest fan. You’ve cheered me on at every sporting event and clapped the loudest at every dance recital and musical. Dragging each other out in public, my actions may scream that I am embarrassed to be seen with you, but I’m genuinely proud to call you my dad (even through all the terrible dad jokes). No matter how bad our battles get, I will always be that little girl who curled up at your side as you read books to me every night before tucking me into bed.

Mom, our resemblance is not uncanny but slightly scary when the cashier at Sam’s Club wonders if we’re twins. There is no doubt I am your daughter. You’ve already given me the world, so I hated asking you for things. And even when the world was in my palms, you continued to give me more. Your snores push me over the edge sometimes, but that little girl who invaded your bed because she never liked to sleep alone is still here.

I’m sorry I’ve given you both premature grey hairs. I had no idea of the stress I was putting onto your shoulders by ignoring all those text messages you sent late at night wondering where I was or when I’d be coming home. All those teenage years of angst, slammed doors, and shortsighted arguments are behind us.

I just want you to know that I love you. Those three little words hold so much meaning, yet we never say them enough to one another. Not only is it good to say them because you never know which breath will be you last, but because the reassurance that nothing has changed is comforting.

This isn’t a goodbye, but rather a see you later. I will be home soon. Plus, I will more than likely talk to you tomorrow — and the day after that. Please be safe and know that I will be okay.

Love Always,

Your Daughter

Cover Image Credit: Freely Photos

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When life throws you in the deep end, do you sink or swim?

How to find a purpose when all hope seems lost 

Trying to figure out life

I feel like i am living in an enclosed cage like a dog in the pound, just trying to make people like me and not being who I want to be. I would say the last time I was truly happy was around 5 years ago. Yes, there are days where you act happy, but being truly unconditionally happy without faking it is something that I don’t even know exists for me anymore. I have tried for so long to do anything and everything to make my family proud, and have been so  worried about my future that I haven’t enjoyed life. I am just now figuring out that I need to do something to make  life enjoyable again. I need to be happy. And I’m sure some of you feel the same way. Well starting now, I’m going to try to talk daily about how to make life the best it can be.  

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