I gossip, okay? I love hearing my friends' latest drama with the boy they’re talking to, the stuff they have to say about the girl in their Spanish class that thinks she knows everything and all the sh*t about someone they just simply don't like. Everyone needs to vent and I’m here to listen, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own sh*t to talk. I think gossiping a little is honestly healthy as long as you’re not spreading evil and hateful rumors or saying things that are completely untrue about a person or a situation.

People have been gossiping since the beginning of time — I mean how the heck do you think people heard town news back in the good ole days? Gossip, b*tch! Talking about people, spilling the beans and blasting news has gotten a bad rep in recent years, but gossip can help us learn about ourselves and the world around us. Gossiping or spilling the tea builds community and why not unite together to pass a class you hate or make your friends feel less alone in their struggles. Listen to what’s happening in other’s lives and maybe you might just understand yourself and your environment better.

We all gossip at some point in our life so go ahead and talk a little crap because you might just learn something. Also, for all you haters out there that say you’re not a gossip or that you don’t gossip you’re telling yourself a huge fib. I’m one of the biggest gossips I know and I’m happy to admit it!