A Break Up Letter To The Person Who Criticizes Me The Most

A Break Up Letter To The Person Who Criticizes Me The Most

I am done with you, you as in the little voice in my head.

Kaitlyn Moore

Good freaking bye. Goodbye.

Goodbye to secretly crying in fitting rooms. Goodbye to wearing clothes that are too big for me. Goodbye to looking in the mirror and not seeing what I like. Goodbye to saying, "I don't love myself."

I am done with you. You as in the little voice in my head telling me that I don't look good enough, I should be different, or that I should change who I am.

It is sad that this voice in my head is the ONLY voice controlling my life. I don't care what my friends think I look like. I don't care what social media thinks I look like, I don't care what the most gorgeous man in the whole world thinks I look like.

All that matters is what I think about myself, and that sh*t needs to stop.

The self-hate will stop. The uncomfortableness will stop. The photo editing will stop.

I am literally the only person in the world who can control my emotions and what I think about myself. SO why not make it positive? Who would honestly rather live their lives hating themselves and criticizing themselves, rather than happy and care-free?

You are your biggest critic, understandable. But you are also your only best friend. You should only be living for YOU.

Why are you living for other people?

Here's a tip. If you feel like you are posting just so other people can see and talk, just make them unfollow you.

Easy as that.

Now, who are you posting for?

Your. Self.

You can only love yourself before you love anyone else. Stop trying to convince yourself that you know what self-love is when you're mentally beating yourself up every day.

Strive for bliss.

Bliss is complete happiness without any doubt, it is seeing love in everything you see.

Strive for it.

Love yourself, and you will feel love everywhere.


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