Being A Good Friend Does Not Equal Being A Doormat
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Being A Good Friend Does Not Mean Being A Doormat

Good people and good friends aren't where you should wipe your dirty feet.

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Just to begin, I was raised a bit differently than most people I know. I was raised up with certain moral codes and under strict behavioral standards. Naturally, more than just laws of civility and the decencies of humanity. However, if I have learned anything from being raised the way I was, it enlightened me on the fact that people often take advantage of good friends and good people if you allow them too. But, being a good person doesn't depend on where you come from or how you were raised. It depends on how you choose to respond to and treat those around you despite personal circumstances.

A good person ≠ their circumstances

Helping people is what I love to do. I hope to never fail a friend or family member in need. No matter what, I want to be of assistance to those around me. In doing so, I've noticed that those who always make themselves available to help others rarely come in contact with those who help them. This is not always the case, some are blessed enough to have outstanding support systems. Still, this does not change the fact that often if you prove yourself dependable, you become a crutch. If you are a good listener when things go awry, you become a personal therapist. Being helpful turns into caretaking. Through all this, those in our lives that are truly good people and friends continue to be and do so without expecting reciprocity.

A good person ≠ a catch-all for others' problems

Be warned though, those who take on more for other people than they are able to carry do have a breaking point. Most often, the breaking of a good person is something tragic to partake in or see.

A good person ≠ unbreakable

On a related note, just because a person is morally aligned or holds themselves to certain standards does nor deem them boring or any less interesting of a person. Every right an individual has to lead the lifestyle of their choosing is the same right those with strict living standards imposed on themselves have to lead that life.

Moral ≠ boring

This is not an intervention to call out everyone who has maybe or maybe not been responsible for these misunderstandings. This simply stands to draw attention to those we inadvertently take advantage of. These are our really good friends that stick with us through thick and thin despite what they receive from us in return. These are our go to's for advice and sound boarding despite if we offer it in return. These are our good friends that push down their hurts, offenses, and feelings in an attempt to avoid causing that for anyone else. These are our friends that let everyone forget about them until they're needed and still stand by us. Good friends deserve more than they get. Good friends are not our doormats that we wipe our problems and shortcomings on.

Good friends ≠ doormats

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