Spread The Love Of Golf By Making Memories

Spread The Love Of Golf By Making Memories

The game forces players to focus and work on their technique thoroughly just like any other sport.


The popularity of golf continues to spread throughout the United States and overseas

Personally, I am thrilled to see the world of golf expand at tremendous rates as it not only adds more competition to the game but also builds a greater appreciation for golf as a whole.

Much of the world doesn't view golf as a spectator sport, so it is important to have more people involved in the game so more people learn to appreciate the game.

I began playing the sport about seven years ago in 2009 when my Uncle picked me up after school one day to take me to a driving range. I enjoyed learning how to golf from the beginning.

I loved the soft, crisp sound of the face of an iron hitting the soft outer shell of a titanium ball. If you have ever golfed, you would know that out of 60 balls you will probably only hit about five balls like that the first time playing so such shots should be cherished.

Most of the time, you will instead feel the sting of your club sending shimmers to your hands if you are lucky enough to strike the ball. When I began, I can honestly say that I missed the ball quite a lot of times (I always picked my head up too early since I just wanted to see where the ball would land) to the point where I was more surprised if I hit the ball than if I missed.

Those frustrations are normal and are simply one of the many beautiful facets of the game. The game forces players to focus and work on their technique thoroughly just like any other sport.

As much as I loved playing golf, the act of playing wasn't the only reason I enjoyed that evening. I was able to spend about two hours bonding with my Uncle and exchanging stories while figuring out how to hit the ball well on a consistent basis.

One of the main aspects that differentiates golf from other sports is the atmosphere it creates to allow for interacting with others. The sport essentially creates a serene environment which simply makes it easier to talk and have a laugh with others. Also, golf is a sport that makes every single person look more human and thus seem more approachable.

When your friend has a five-foot put that appears to be rather simple and misses by an inch, you don't exactly jump for joy but you do enjoy getting a laugh at it until your turn at the very least.

I will never forget about that afternoon when my Uncle first introduced me to this great game not only because it got me involved in the sport, but also just because we had a great time bonding.

With that being said, if you are a golfer, find a friend or family member who doesn't golf (I guarantee you have at least one) and just spend a few hours teaching the game. If not, find a friend who plays and ask them if they can help introduce you to the game.

Even if you decide that the sport is not for you, you will at least have some memories with a friend or relative that you can forever cherish!

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