Going Greek Could Be The Best Decision of Your Life

For active sorority members, Recruitment is a time of stress, excitement, stress, and excitement. Between making sure everything is perfect so we can show off a perfect house and have a flawless recruitment, to being excited that in just two weeks we get to welcome brand new sisters home for the first time.

For freshman, or Potential New Members, as you'll hear us refer to you, it's nothing but excitement and nerves as you get ready to embark on a brand new journey. It is exciting because you'll meet a whole gaggle of amazing people. You will be nervous because you may not know what you want OR you may have a specific chapter you REALLY want to impress. Regardless of what is making you nervous, try to enjoy it because there isn't any other experience like it.

If you're questioning whether you should go through Recruitment or not, you should. There are a thousand reasons why you should, especially when you go through Recruitment at a smaller school.

1. The awesome women you'll meet.

Even if you don't join or accept a bid, there are many women that you will meet through the process. These women will become friends, classmates, students within your major and much, much more. Being a Greek woman at a small school is so amazing because of all of the different types of people you will meet.

2. You'll get 30+ girls as your sisters

My Chapter is small, not your typical 200 member chapter. We have just around 60 girls per chapter at my school. Having such a small chapter allows us to get know every single member individually. I graduated with 320 students in my class and it was extremely difficult to know every single student in my class. I can only imagine what it would be like to be Greek in a 200+ member chapter. This is why being Greek at such a small school is so amazing; I know every single member in my chapter and I know at least three facts about them that I could list off if you asked me.

3. Social Networking

There are so many different girls in my chapter. From different majors to different activities and sports; so many girls would be able to help you get in touch with anyone you may possibly need. The access to all kinds of different people is amazing.

4. Experience

Being such a small chapter, there are a lot more opportunities to take a position within your chapter. Experiences you can use to learn leadership skills and time management skills. They are wonderful opportunities to allow women to grow as individuals and leaders plus they look great on resumes for future employers.

5. The Support System

This is one of the best parts of being Greek. No matter what is going on in your life, no matter how stressed out you are, no matter how upset you are, there is always a sister around to help you.

If you're hesitant about going Greek, just give it a chance. That's really all that we can ask. It could be the best decision of your life. We AREN'T just a bunch of stereotypical girls that party all of time. We give thousands of dollars to our charities annually, most of us are required to keep GPAs above a 3.0, and we do work for and around our communities. Being Greek is about more than being just a pretty face and partying all the time.

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