Why Going Greek is Great
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Why Going Greek is Great

Five reasons on why going Greek is something you should be proud of doing.

Why Going Greek is Great
Jayden Taylor Cartelli

I have recently decided to rush at my school, and I can honestly say that I have never made a better choice. I absolutely adore my sorority, my sisters, and what we stand for. However, I have gotten quite a bit of shade thrown at me over the past few weeks... Receiving comments from people (to my face or behind my back) about how not great sorority and fraternity life can be. I am here to advocate for the good.

1. All Greek members are active in a philanthropy of said fraternity or sorority's choice. This is what we dedicate our love and attention to, and we all truly work very hard to do as much as we possibly can for what we are passionate for. It is absolutely incredible how much support the Greek community gives to these active philanthropies and their communities.

2. Having sisters is an absolutely phenomenal thing. I said it, you heard me. I have tons and tons of sisters, and they are all incredible. No, they do not walk on water - they are human, and that is what makes them incredible. I have never had so many people tell me that they would love to help me with Chemistry, or go out to eat with me so I can avoid eating alone. We do not buy our friends, and we do not all secretly hate one another. We love and support one another. Simple as that.

3. Being involved in Greek life allows you to get involved in your community and your school. Campus provides plenty of opportunities to get involved in things, and being in Greek life allows you to not only be involved in your school, but also to get out in your community and take an active role in what is around you.

4. Experience. I have gained so many incredible experiences from my sisters. They have shown me many places to eat (thank God), have shown me how to get to a local grocery store without having to use my GPS, and have taught me where I can use my student ID. They have given me so much insight, and I am forever grateful.

5. Knowledge. Because you're supposed to learn from your siblings, right? My sisters have gone out of their way to be honest with, teach me from their mistakes, and give me advice when I needed it most. They have saved me from forgetting things, failing exams, and freaking out when I just needed someone to calm me down. They are my home away from home, and for that, I am most definitely indebted to them for life.

Overall, I have been doubted because I am a sorority girl. We have been falsely labeled, misunderstood, and downgraded, when, in all reality, I have met some of the most incredible girls within the Greek community. I am proud to call myself a sorority girl.

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