Going Back To College Is Bittersweet

Going Back To College Is Bittersweet

Transitioning from being home back to school life can be nerve racking.

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As much as I love it here at Stevenson, I must admit that it was fairly emotional for me to come back. Being home for over a month, you get a routine going and you get comfortable again. Not to mention, you get used to seeing your family on a regular basis and you begin to take that for granted.

In fact, the last week that I was home I legitimately had myself convinced that I wanted nothing more than to just be back at school already. I thought that at the time but it didn't actually feel real until I was loading my things into the car and saying my goodbyes to everyone. Leaving my little sister is especially difficult for me.

She may only be two years old but she is quite literally my best friend. She is the sweetest most compassionate little two year old I have ever meant and she's there to give me a cuddle when she knows I need it most. I can always count on her to put a smile on my face even when I all I really want to do is cry for a solid hour. I am going to miss having her right there with me the most.

On top of that, I got exceptionally close to my cousin Lily. I found out that we have more in common than I ever thought possible and we have the exact same kind of gross humor that few people can genuinely appreciate. I enjoy her company immensely and it has been rough not being able to witness her incredible dance moves to the Kim Possible theme song.

I was also able to get a job back home, too! Thankfully, I met some pretty cool people there and even made a few friends that I think I am going to know for the rest of my life. Not having a job for so long, I forgot how much satisfaction making your own money brings to you and how good it feels to having meaningful friendships.

All in all, I am going to miss being home a great deal. However, I know that I will not be in school forever (hopefully) and that there is always summer break to look forward to with them!

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