5 Reasons Why I'm Glad I Started A Bullet Journal
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5 Reasons Why I'm Glad I Started A Bullet Journal

You don't have to be an artist to start one!

5 Reasons Why I'm Glad I Started A Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals became very popular within the last year or so, and I always thought that the only people who could have them were those who were gifted with the artistic gene. However, after starting one myself, along with a group of friends, for the year of 2019, I soon learned that there are so many artistic things that I didn't know I could do.

Heck, even Picasso himself would be proud.

It's like an adult coloring book of your own!

No, seriously. There's really nothing like having a nice set of brand new pens and just sitting down to color WHAT YOU MADE YOURSELF. You can use a pencil, an outlining pen, a paintbrush pen, paint, washi tape, and much more! You can add little decorative stickers that can top it off, and best of all, it's all your creation!

Measuring things is easy peasy.

Because there are dots (it's a Bullet Journal, after all) it is SO easy to draw things and make them look equal all across the page. And, if my OCD about that is as bad as yours, this will make you one happy camper. This will save you so much time because you will hardly ever need to use a straight edge (unless you absolutely want to).

It's a planner, with your own pizazz!

No more paying for those $65 planners that you can customize because Bullet Journals can't be more than $20 at your local arts and crafts store! And, better than that, you can customize each and every page that you want, which I think is literally the best thing ever. Feeling blue? Make a simple spread for that week. Feeling spunky? Create a disco-themed monthly spread! It's so fun and doesn't take a super long time.

Speaking of planners, it keeps you organized.

You will be happy every time you open up that journal to see your own design while you write that boring chore down. There are also spreads that encourage you to track things like water intake, moods, expenses, and other things that you would never even think twice about. It is really cool at the end of the month, and you can look back and see what you've done with all the colors! You can color code it as you please, or make a journal entry (as I do) every month!

It's a creative outlet that you might not have every day.

When I started, I never knew how much it would help me destress after a long day. As they say with coloring books, it seems to relax your brain and even make you a little tired if you're having a hard time sleeping! It also allows you to just doodle and create anything you want without the fear of judgement by another person, especially someone who doesn't journal themselves. Turn on some sweet show tunes and doodle away!

Bullet Journals are literally so much fun, and I'm sure that if you ask anyone who does them, they are always happy to talk about them! However, some people are intimidated by the time commitment that it takes to keep one up, especially one that has intricate designs in it. But don't be intimidated and don't let this stop you! You can start with smaller designs, or you can wait until you have more time to create a more intensive design. Besides the time that it could take, try it out. I promise you will see yourself bloom into the artist that da Vinci would be astounded by!

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