Every holiday song ever says it; this is the most wonderful time of the year. Even if it's a little over-said, it still holds true, after all these years. No matter which holidays you celebrate, the season of November-December that surrounds the special days is filled with love, happiness, and joy, due in part to the thanks we give for our many blessings. So let us not only be thankful at Thanksgiving but all year round! If this happiness and joy are what Thanksgiving feels like due to our gratitude, then let's make everyday feel this good.

It's so easy to get caught up in life-it comes at us fast and sometimes without warning. Yet even in the murkiest of times, when all things seem to be going south, there is still much to be thankful for. And if in these dark moments we can remember all that isn't wrong, all that is still good-then maybe we can find peace within these harder moments. We often find others to blame for what is going wrong with the world and those who lead it-yet first we should be thankful for all the things that haven't gone wrong and all that is well. We have breathable air and eatable food. We have the right to live our lives in whatever manner floats our boats, and that is something that not everyone around the world can claim to have. Therefore, we are lucky.

If life is really what you make it, then let us choose to make it the best life there is. If we have the choice to make today a good day or a bad day, let us make the right choice, because we are free to do so. Though it may be difficult, and I find this very hard myself, we have the power over how we feel and act. Even if our moods are the absolute worst and there must be a literal dark thundercloud over our heads to blame for this dampened mood, we can choose to find a sunnier cloud and a sunnier disposition. Though pride may get in the way at times, we will be happier if we look on the bright sight and give thanks for all that is well.

So, Thanksgiving has just passed and we have all finished telling our loved ones why we are grateful for them. Let us not make this the last time we do so until next Thanksgiving-choose kindness, love, generosity, and gratitude always. Every day can feel this good.