When You Give A Girl A Sister

When you give a girl a sister...

Not only are you giving her a sibling, you're giving her a best friend. Of course that best friend is going to steal every single piece of clothing you own and never return it, but she's still going to be your best friend. If she's younger, she'll beg you to drive her friends around and pick her up at ungodly hours because she knows mom and dad won't do it. Then eventually when she turns 16 you won't have to worry about that anymore...because she'll take your car.

She'll think she knows more than you no matter what the subject is because even though you're older and have gone through the same classes she's in, she'll always be smarter. In fact, she probably already knows more than you do about what you're learning about in college while she's still in high school. However, sometimes she'll cave in and realize you know more about something than she does, but only when she needs your help. And by help, I mean do it for her.

Nothing you own is ever going to be private, so you might as well give that up now. She might even walk in on you while you're trying to shower just to steal your makeup you have sitting in the bathroom. You can't have any secrets because she's either listening in on you when you don't know it, or knows someone who knows someone you know and somehow gets the scoop on everything that's happening in your life.

Although sisters can be the most annoying creatures on the earth, they're also the best. Sisters have your back when you try to hide something from your parents. Mostly because you have enough dirt on them to keep them from telling. Sisters will always be the one to stick up for you no matter what it is or who is involved. Sister's will always be there for you when you need advice, and they'll ask it too. Sisters will always fight with you and ask you for something two minutes later, and you'll roll your eyes and do it too. Mostly, sisters will always be the best friend you'll ever have and sisters will always love you for you.

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