Yes, I'm a girl and YES, I Love Watching Football

Yes, I'm a girl and YES, I Love Watching Football

An open letter to the guys who think watching football is only a guy thing

Joy Herzog

Dear guys,

“Oh, you watch football?” This is a common question that I get when I say that I love watching football. Yes. Yes, I do, and quite frankly, I love watching football a bit more than going shopping. I’m a girl and I watch football, what’s so surprising about that? In most cases when guys ask a girl if they watch a sport, like football, they usually say yes but then turn out not knowing what is going on in the game or anything about that sport. However, I’m not like most girls. I know what is going on in the game, so please don’t talk down to me like I’m a little kid, it’s not worth your time.

Growing up with two older brothers, I’ve had my fair share of watching football games. I love the concept of the game and how there are different combinations that the offensive coordinators can put together to try and throw off the other team. I love watching two teams and predicting what they’ll run on third down and three.

I don’t watch football just because my boyfriend plays or because he likes it. I watch it because I like it and that is one of the many interests that we share together. It isn’t weird because we both to watch the exciting sport.

People need to get rid of this idea that just because I’m a girl, I can’t like watching a sport. It’s not much different from having an interest in any other sport and I don’t see why guys act so surprised. Yes, I’m a girl and I do love watching football and yes, I do know what is going on in the game. Girls have more interests than shopping, so don’t start assuming things about our likes and dislikes, it’s not worth your time.


The girl who loves watching football

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