To the girl I used to call my best friend,

Although we are now on okay terms, I don’t really know anything about your life. I hope you are happy and have a good life. I know you must have had struggles since we stopped being friends, and I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you. I am also sorry I couldn’t be there for the good parts that have happened since then.

It is my fault that I still don’t call you my best friend. It was a few years ago and I don’t really remember how I handled it. We were young and so I am guessing it probably wasn’t well. So, if I didn’t say it then I am saying it now, I am sorry for ruining our friendship.

You were my best friend. You were there for the worst part of my life. You were the person I told all my secrets. There have been many times since the day we stopped being friends where I wish I could just text you to tell you what I was going through, and get your opinion or advice on it all. Sometimes you are the only one who would understand what I am feeling. It was hard to get through the rest of high school without you.

Even though we haven’t been friends for a few years, I still think about all the great times we had together. All the sleepovers we had, all the laughs we shared, and all the boys we dealt with along the way. We had a really strong and amazing friendship. Thank you for being one of my first best friends and giving me memories that will stay with me forever.

About nine months ago I texted you wishing you a happy birthday, and your response meant more to me than you know. You probably don’t remember what you said, but I screenshotted it and still have it on my phone today. It gave me some strength, and some hope that maybe one day, we will better than just fine.

I’m not sure if you’ll ever see this, but if you do, just know that I miss you. Maybe one day we can sit down together and tell each other everything about our lives. Don’t ever forget that I will always be here for you.

Love Always,

The girl you used to call your best friend