Girls have so many little tricks and secrets to get them through the day. There are things all girls just KNOW. So, if you are a boy reading this, you may end up learning some dark magic. Beware. Girls, if you don't know these things...where have you been and can I have directions to that rock you must have been living under? All jokes aside, here are 10 things all girls know to be true:

1. That one pocket in your purse...

..we know what it's for. We all put our pads and tampons in there. It's that pocket men just don't go in. I think subconsciously, they know not to venture into that black hole of feminine products. The pocket is like the gates of hell: "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." Dante Alighieri

2. That one makeup bag in your backpack that's for the same thing.

This is the bag you grab and take inconspicuously to the bathroom. We know what's in it, even if the boys will never know it's like the pocket above.

3. We all are lesbians for each other.

That guy that won't leave you alone, so your friend comes over and pretends to be your girlfriend.

4. Target is your happy place.

You never just get one thing and that five minute trip turns into a two hour shopping spree. #bankrupt

5. Ulta is for your broken heart.

Ulta is the place to go so you feel good about yourself again. It isn't about makeup or the hundreds of other beauty's about being somewhere where you treat yourself and are there for you, and only you.

6. Not wanting to shave your legs in the winter...

...or any time of year. This is me once a year. I hate shaving more than you can even imagine and all girls know the debate on whether or not to shave. You WANT to wear the dress, but your legs look like this...the struggle is real, man.

7. The struggle of getting the perfect messy bun.

You try one thousand times and the one time you get it perfect, there is that ONE PIECE OF HAIR AND GODDAMN YOU, WHY!? Why can't I do it like the other girls? They make it look so easy.

8. Getting the best selfie possible in good lighting, while it lasts...

...attempt number 1,006,956 and it's still not perfect. You'll finally settle on the first one you took because you guess it passes the standards. You also leave all the others in your camera roll for a rainy day.

9. That diet that never happens...

"I'm so dieting this weekend so I can fit into my new jeans." "I'm going to do crunches so my butt looks fabulous, like Kim Kardashian's." "I'm so full I can't eat one more---is that cake?" We've all been there. We male promises to ourselves but honestly, food just makes us happy, and we won't apologize for that.

10. Leggings ARE pants...

...I don't wear the same leggings everyday. If you disagree, you can come fight me. I just have 10,000 of the same exact black leggings. I mean, you can never have enough leggings.

These are just some of the things all girls KNOW to be true.