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You Need To Try Your Best To Generate A Postive Mindset And A Healthier Life

To live a life full of sadness and negativity is something you will regret when your old and have nothing left.


The endless days of not wanting to wake up, feeling worthless, the horrible mood swings, and just neglecting this little thing we called life has a real name. This name just happens to be depression. Anyone can diagnose themselves or even feel it for a period of time, but you won't understand the depths of it unless you deal with it on a daily basis.

If you are reading this and you aren't familiar with it, let me give you an insight into what my life was like 5 months ago. I wouldn't leave my bed and when I did leave my bed all I could dream about was going back to my safety zone. I couldn't bring myself to do simple tasks such as laundry or shower daily. I was struggling academically and even suffered at my job because of my actions. I isolated myself from friends and lost quite a few who just couldn't relate to what I was going through. I was struggling mentally and physically and anyone who was close to me could see it. I was breaking out in hives due to how stressed I was. The pictures below are how I looked at the time being.

Two months after these photos were taken I was sick of how I was living my life and I decided it was time to pull myself out of this black hole and stop having a pity party for myself. In these months I managed to re-enroll in school, start a skin care routine, make new friends who have the best intentions for myself, take up yoga and kickboxing and even scored two jobs that could benefit me when I graduate college. I was tired of having a victim mentality and finally felt like I needed to get a grip on reality. It took some time but I was finally able to do it with the support of my mother, my best friend, and just the hope of a brighter tomorrow. The next set of photos are me in more recent months.

I know it may seem like a far stretch but it is possible. From five months ago to being unsure what my worth and value were, to slugging around like I didn't have any cares in this world, I am living proof that this is possible. Sure I have had major setbacks, but you just have to deal with it if you want to move on. If you are struggling with this only you can pull yourself out of this. Even if it just starts with getting out of bed in the morning and going for a walk.

To live a life full of sadness and negativity is something you will regret when your old and have nothing left. Tomorrow is a new day, live it to the fullest and make sure you live it with love.

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