10 Characteristics All Geminis Have
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10 Characteristics All Geminis Have

What does your zodiac sign say about your personality?

10 Characteristics All Geminis Have

If you were born between May 21 and June 21 (though these dates can vary, depending on what source you're referring to!), your zodiac sign is Gemini. Whether you think zodiac signs are dumb or if you’re obsessed with them, it’s always interesting to find out what personality traits set you apart from others. If you're a Gemini, read on to find out what's true about your personality just going off of your zodiac sign:

1. Boredom is your worst enemy

Geminis have a knack for communication and love to have their mind stimulated… so, needless to say, a typical Gemini probably has trouble paying attention during a lecture or starts to feel restless quite quickly if caught in a mundane situation.

2. Observation is your second nature

You see what’s in front of you, but you’re also able to read between the lines. Geminis are widely recognized for their adaptability, which is only possible by having a keen sense of observation. Geminis are able to pick up on the body language and moods of others more effectively than most people.

3. You are known to be chatty

Whether you like talking to large groups of people or tend to tell long stories to only your close friends, Geminis like to talk. This ties back to their need for communication and self-expression.

4. Practically isn’t your strong suit

It can be difficult to try to be practical for a Gemini, due to the fact that they tend to be a bit superficial and gravitate towards material items and labels. It may be hard for any Gemini to get through Target with only buying the items on their shopping list or to justify saving up their money instead of spending it on an impulse buy.

5. You enjoy creativity

Geminis possess minds that are constantly racing from thought to thought. This means that a Gemini would thrive on a career path where the tasks and objectives are constantly changing.

6. You tend to be indecisive

Do you have the reputation as that person who can never make up their mind? You can thank your status as a Gemini for that. Whether it's choosing which brand of toothpaste to buy, which restaurant to go to for dinner, or what to major in for college, you have trouble with making decisions both big and small.

7. You possess a great deal of enthusiasm

Geminis get excited about many things, and they aren't afraid to show it. If you have a big vacation planned, you aren't afraid to gush about how much you are looking forward to it. If you and your friends are enjoying a fun day together, your happiness can't be hidden. Your enthusiasm tends to be infectious and rubs off on others.

8. Independence comes naturally to you

Some people might be afraid of facing the world alone, but not you. Though you appreciate your support system, you would rather try to do things yourself rather than have to rely on others. Having a strong sense of independence also means that you don't hesitate in doing what you think is right, despite what an authority figure might want.

9. Anxiety is an old friend of yours

Geminis are interested in a wide range of topics, causes, and projects. This means that you take on a lot in everyday life - maybe even too much sometimes. Though you try your best to juggle everything, having too much on your plate can lead to a great deal of anxiety.

10. You’ve had a couple identity crises

Perhaps the most obvious Gemini trait is that fact that you possess a dual nature. The sign for Gemini, after all, is the twins. This means that you can be known to be both serious and silly, confident and awkward, loud and quiet, cold and warm … this list could go on.

Though Geminis do possess many other traits, these are the ones that are the most central to the Gemini personality. Geminis will always be best known for their strong communication skills, need for self-expression, adaptability, and dual nature. If you're a Gemini, you should be proud - not every sign has such a wide range of characteristics.

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