Game of Pulp Fiction
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Game of Pulp Fiction

A series of memes mixing "Game of Thrones" and "Pulp Fiction"

Game of Pulp Fiction
drwallpaper + Isabel Menezes

About a year ago I did a couple of memes mixing Game of Thrones and Pulp Fiction. I couldn't think about much to say this week, so I've decided to simply share them. Hope they are enjoyable.

PS: these are memes mixing Game of Thrones and Pulp Fiction. I'm saying that again in case it didn't sink in the first two times. There's black humor, most of the memes involve some level of profanity and it's simply the text. You could say I'm to blame for sharing these things but hey, if you don't enjoy either Tarantino or Game of Thrones, I see no reason for you to have accessed this article.

A small reflection: it's possible to assume, through my long defense letter over something that might not even be that bad, that I don't ever say the kind of things present in the media I consume. It's true; for me watching fake violence on TV somehow suppresses any kind of subconscious need I might have, instead of increasing it, as it's usually assumed. I've been put into contact with such materials from an early age, and though I'm not saying that young children should be exposed to movies considered improper to their ages, I'm saying that it might not be as potentially destructive as some people see it. My parents would watch the movies they enjoyed with me, so instead of growing up unaware of the existence of drugs, alcohol, profanity and etc, I had these things explained to me. Further, in a subtle way I related to people who I could never take into account as role models. I had at home the examples I wanted to follow, not needing to go search for them on TV. Besides, to watch fake violence never made me see real violence as natural, for in my childish mind all these horrible acts were restricted to the fictional world. Reality ended up being where the good prevails and all else was just labeled as fantasy. I understand it's a bit paradoxical and I'm still being constantly surprised by how it might just be the other way round, but I don't think children should have it differently. Finally, this early contact showed me that my parents looked at me as their equal and developed in me tastes similar to theirs, in such a way that they became close friends and gained my absolute trust.

Anyway, this was just the rant of a girl who was denied entrance in some specific movies' sessions a few more times than she would've had it. Let's go to the memes:

1- A bit before season 6...

2- Is it still too soon?

3- The iconic line

4- Poor Sansa

5- Poor, poor Sansa

6- Oh, the good times!

7- Who doesn't love dogs?

8- Yes Dany, these dragons are mortally cute

9- Not to brag, but I consider this the one good thing that came out of the Dorne plot-line

10- WARNING: strong image ahead

11- One does not simply confront Cersei like this, Ned

12- Margaery certainly knows how to play the game

13- "Only Cat"... Wait, no, Your sister??

14- The only time Tywin acted as a certain Wolf


That's it. I hope it didn't go over any Odyssey's limits. But, well, life is all about hoping, isn't it?

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