There's tons of things to do other than spending your weekends partying! Whether you don't like going out in the first place or you just need a weekend off, here are some alternatives to spice up your Friday nights!

1. Have a movie night

This past Valentines day, all my roommates and I sat down and watched "Endless Love," to celebrate "galentines" day together. It made me realize how often we ever all sit down and hangout together, all 5 of us. There's always at least one of us busy. Staying in with some friends and watching a movie is a relaxing way to spend your Friday night.

2. Go to a museum or an art gallery

Megan Adair

Charleston contains both of these things on almost every corner. Take a friend and spend your night museum hopping! You might even learn something new. I've enjoyed all the art galleries I've been to in Charleston. If you're not into art, it makes a cute background for a photo shoot!

3. Go to a nice dinner

Picking a new restaurant that you want to try shouldn't be too hard, there's so many options in Charleston. It's always fun to dress up and treat yourself. Go to the restaurant you've been eyeing for the past month.

4. Go to the movie theater


I had never been to a movie theater in Charleston until last weekend and it was a real cool experience. The theater was located in Mount Pleasant, so it's super close to downtown. The theater had a retro theme which I really liked but my favorite part of going was that they offer full restaurant service in the middle of the movie. You press a button when you're ready to order and a waitress will come to you in the theater. I'm sure for some, this is the normal experience but I had never seen anything like this before.

5. Go window shopping


Walking on King street in the daytime versus at night is a completely different experience. King street at night on the weekends seems to come alive, everyone is out and lively. Just walking along window shopping and people watching can be very entetaining.

6. Get a head start on homework


I know homework is not routine for most people on a Friday night. It's hard to be motivated on a Friday but if you do happen to go to the library, you'll have the whole space to yourself! It's the most frustrating thing to go to the library and not be able to find a table where you can start working. You definitely wouldn't have to worry about this on a Friday night and you might be able to focus better without any distractions.

7. Catch up on sleep


By the time we get to Friday, most people are exhausted. A weeks worth of studying, going to class, and doing homework is draining. It's the best feeling to go to bed early and wake up the next day feeling refreshed. Catching up on sleep Friday means you'll be ready for whatever your weekend holds.

8. Clean!


It can be a challenge to keep a dorm room clean, especially since you're in such a small space. My problem seems to be that I just have too much stuff everywhere, clutter builds up fast. It's the best feeling to do a deep clean and organize your room.

9. Go to the gym


There's nothing like a good workout to start off your weekend. Just like the library, the gym will probably be pretty empty on a Friday night. I, personally, love when the gym is empty. All the machines are open for use with no wait and I find it more motivating.

These are just a few alternatives to spending your Friday night partying!!