9 Things To Do On A Friday Night Besides Going Out

9 Things To Do On A Friday Night Besides Going Out

Are you one of those people that wants to take Friday as a relaxing day after a long week? Well here's what to do rather than going out!


There's tons of things to do other than spending your weekends partying! Whether you don't like going out in the first place or you just need a weekend off, here are some alternatives to spice up your Friday nights!

1. Have a movie night

This past Valentines day, all my roommates and I sat down and watched "Endless Love," to celebrate "galentines" day together. It made me realize how often we ever all sit down and hangout together, all 5 of us. There's always at least one of us busy. Staying in with some friends and watching a movie is a relaxing way to spend your Friday night.

2. Go to a museum or an art gallery

Megan Adair

Charleston contains both of these things on almost every corner. Take a friend and spend your night museum hopping! You might even learn something new. I've enjoyed all the art galleries I've been to in Charleston. If you're not into art, it makes a cute background for a photo shoot!

3. Go to a nice dinner

Picking a new restaurant that you want to try shouldn't be too hard, there's so many options in Charleston. It's always fun to dress up and treat yourself. Go to the restaurant you've been eyeing for the past month.

4. Go to the movie theater


I had never been to a movie theater in Charleston until last weekend and it was a real cool experience. The theater was located in Mount Pleasant, so it's super close to downtown. The theater had a retro theme which I really liked but my favorite part of going was that they offer full restaurant service in the middle of the movie. You press a button when you're ready to order and a waitress will come to you in the theater. I'm sure for some, this is the normal experience but I had never seen anything like this before.

5. Go window shopping


Walking on King street in the daytime versus at night is a completely different experience. King street at night on the weekends seems to come alive, everyone is out and lively. Just walking along window shopping and people watching can be very entetaining.

6. Get a head start on homework


I know homework is not routine for most people on a Friday night. It's hard to be motivated on a Friday but if you do happen to go to the library, you'll have the whole space to yourself! It's the most frustrating thing to go to the library and not be able to find a table where you can start working. You definitely wouldn't have to worry about this on a Friday night and you might be able to focus better without any distractions.

7. Catch up on sleep


By the time we get to Friday, most people are exhausted. A weeks worth of studying, going to class, and doing homework is draining. It's the best feeling to go to bed early and wake up the next day feeling refreshed. Catching up on sleep Friday means you'll be ready for whatever your weekend holds.

8. Clean!


It can be a challenge to keep a dorm room clean, especially since you're in such a small space. My problem seems to be that I just have too much stuff everywhere, clutter builds up fast. It's the best feeling to do a deep clean and organize your room.

9. Go to the gym


There's nothing like a good workout to start off your weekend. Just like the library, the gym will probably be pretty empty on a Friday night. I, personally, love when the gym is empty. All the machines are open for use with no wait and I find it more motivating.

These are just a few alternatives to spending your Friday night partying!!

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10 Abnormally Normal Things About College

Some stuff just doesn't fly in the real world.

College is a weird, weird place. For whatever reason, the young adults who are supposed to be cultivating their minds with all of the worldly knowledge available to them, seem to get away with quite a bit using the justification "it's college." Even the best students live abnormally while on the alien planet that is a university. So, while to us college students it may just seem like another day, here are ten things that are only normal in college.

1. Straight up theft.

In the future, if I walk into my forty-something-year-old neighbor's home and see a collection of stolen signs, stuff from the local restaurant, and property from the construction site down the road, I would definitely be concerned about the character of my neighbor. However, in college, people proudly display campus signs, traffic cones, or dining hall napkin dispensers that they have impressively commandeered - it's a cheap decoration and a great conversation starter.

2. All-nighters.

Maybe with the exception of parents of little babies, very few people willingly stay up for close to 24 hours on end. In the real world, if a friend came to you and said that they literally did not sleep the previous night, it's completely logical to be worried. On the other hand, when a friend in college says that he was up all night you laugh a little, give him an understanding pat on the back, and walk with him to the coffee line.

3. Atrocious eating habits.

Sometimes you don't have time to eat. Sometimes you order pizza at 2 in the morning. Sometimes you eat three dinners. Sometimes you diet. All I can say, is thank goodness that our metabolisms are decently high at this age.

4. Breaking and entering.

In high school, you hopefully knew everyone who entered your home. After college, hopefully, that's still the case. However, when you live in the middle of thousands of bored college students, people knock at your door, walk into parties, cut through your yard, and stop by without invitation or hesitation. It keeps life fun, but still not normal.

5. Calling mom when stuff goes down.

I really doubt a time will ever come that I don't need to call my mom for guidance on how to do something. But, hopefully the frequency of those calls with go down a little bit post-graduation. Maybe after four years of doing it on my own, I'll know how to fill out government forms, cook real dinners, and get stains out. But for now, I'm going to keep calling while I still can without seeming totally pathetic.

6. Being intoxicated at weird times.

Drunk at noon on a Friday is the quintessence of an alcoholic at any time - unless it's college. Not that this is necessarily a good thing, and it certainly doesn't apply to everyone, but there aren't many other places where people would instantly assume someone is intoxicated if they're acting even a little weird. I've even seen people drink in the library....

7. The messed up dating scene.

There are people who meet the love of their life at college and live happily ever after. They are people who meet the supposed love of their life at college and never talk to them again after Sunday. There are people who use Tinder. Hormones are high, freedom is bountiful, and football players are cute - what else needs to be said?

8. A warped sense of time.

The career I'm pursuing will require me to be at work by 7 am, five days a week. I am fully aware of this. Now, will I enroll in an 8 am next semester? Absolutely not - I'm not a demon. In college, nights often start at 10 p.m., dinners are eaten at 4, and mornings can begin anywhere from 8 to 2. We don't get that whole 9-5 idea.

9. Costumes... for no apparent reason.

High schoolers have a dress code. Adults have dignity. College students have fun. Here, people will wear a corn costume to get on ESPN, a fanny pack to get into a fraternity, or a tutu to match a theme party. Is it actually a weird thing, though? No one even blinks an eye.

10. Insanely close friends.

Name another point in your life when you live with your friends, study with your friends, drive with your friends, eat with your friends, go out with your friends, and even grocery shop with your friends. I'll wait. At college, it's easy for friends to seem like family because you're with them constantly. Love it or hate it, it's weird about college.

So, enjoy this weirdness while you can - it won't last forever!


Uncensored Roommate Confessions!

Cover Image Credit: Matthew Kupfer

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Mexican Parties Are The Best Parties, Change My Mind (You Can't)

We just have the best parties. Plain and simple.


The booze. The music. The familiar and unfamiliar faces. The late nights. The smiles and laughs.

This is literally all you need to have a good party. However, it can have a different meaning if you're Mexican and are constantly going to these parties. If you don't know why Mexican parties are the best, then I'll give you the rundown.

1. We do NOT RSVP.

Whether it's a big party or a small gathering, RSVP's do not matter. We send them out to be considerate and don't expect you to actually respond to it. If you do and decide to bring more people, then go for it. We have enough plates of food for everyone.

2. No party is too small.

We like to party, and we like to have people around. Yes, sometimes our parties are like 200+ and no, that is not too much. You have to invite your tía and her family who have their own families of their own and then they invite their friends and family, which is okay. Bring whoever you want as long as they are up for a good time.

3. There will be booze...lots of it.

ALWAYS. There will always be alcohol whether you just want to drink to relax after a long week or if you want to get drunk because you just broke up with your boyfriend. At Mexican parties, there will probably be more alcohol than actual soda and water. Just don't be an angry drunk, no one likes those drunks.

4. The kids will be happy.

If you have kids, this is your couple of hours you actually forget that you have kids. With everyone's little cousins and kids, your own kid will make friends and leave you alone the whole party. You might even go the whole party without knowing where your kid is or what they are doing.

5. You MUST say hi to everyone.

There is no excuse. Whether you know them or you don't, you greet everyone who arrived before you. It's simple manners and extremely crucial at Mexican parties like this. It doesn't matter if there are 200+ people there, you better be saying hi to everyone.

6. The party never truly ends.

We don't have an end time for parties, especially those that are hosted in houses. Before you know it, it's 2:30 a.m. and you are all just sitting there recounting funny stories and laughing so much your stomach starts to hurt. But I think that's one of the best parts of it.

7. We do it all over again the next day.

Yup, you read that right. Even if you went home at 3 a.m., you better be there for the recalentado the next day and get ready to feast on leftover and cure your hangover.

8. You are surrounded by the people you love.

This one is the most important for me because now that I live away from home for school, every family party is one of the few times I get to see everyone and nothing warms my heart more than seeing everyone I love gathered in one place. We get to laugh, share funny stories, and make memories that I am beginning to treasure a lot more.

If you have never gone to a Mexican party, then you are sure missing out. But also let me know so I can invite you to the next one.

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