Everyone loves a good bowl of ice cream’s stupid cousin: frozen yogurt. What you may not know, however, is that fish love it too! Those aquatic animals adore fro-yo, so much so that sometimes it’s better to thrust that glass bowl right under the spigot and let the sweet stuff swirl right on into your fishy friend’s home. Smother that sea creature in the smooth, creamy dessert so it can swim to its heart’s desire while getting a sugar rush at the same time.

Not all flavors are created equal, though. Here are the best ones to use when replacing your fishtank’s water with frozen yogurt.

10. Carrot Cake

If you’re ever in any doubt on what type of frozen yogurt to fill your fishtank with, just remember this simple rule: “Fish are fish and rabbits are rabbits so if you’re gonna go with carrot cake don’t because fish aren’t rabbits.” It'll snap you out of a bad decision every time.

9. Eggnog

Acceptable in December. Unacceptable any other time of the year.

8. Graham Cracker

This one might be a little dry. Not sure how your fish might like it.

7. Any Fruit-Flavored Flavor (Except For Strawberry-Flavored Flavor)

In fro-yo form, all fruits kinda taste the same. They’re yummy and delicious, but they’re also kinda unoriginal. They all have the same consistency, too, so your fish won’t really be able to differentiate its swim speed much.

6. Regular Strawberry

Strawberry’s a pretty safe flavor to go with because it's distinct. It's not like the other fruits. Everyone loves a good strawberry sorbet. Fish included.

5. Very Berry Strawberry

Take that Strawberry to the extreme. Your fish will (probably) love dodging the very berry strawberry chunks as it struggles through the viscous pink maybe-liquid.

4. Peanut Butter

Your fish might be allergic to peanut products. If it is, don’t fill the fishtank with peanut butter flavored frozen yogurt. It will die. If your fish isn’t allergic, though, this is a great flavor.

3. Chocolate

You can never go wrong with chocolate, even when you’re dumping a buttload of it on your small, defenseless fish.

2. Vanilla

Another classic. You can even spice this one up with some toppings to layer on. Maybe some M&M’s or cookie dough bites or even some of those gushy fruit ball things at every froyo place ever. I bet your fish will really like all of that. Hopefully it’ll be able to swim its way through the thick yogurt to the top of the twenty-gallon tank.

1. Birthday Cake

The all-time best frozen yogurt flavor, whether you’re eating it or waiting for it to melt and then drinking it or filling your fishtank with it. It’s sweet, it’s savory (not really, that just sounded nice), it’s everything you and your fish could ever want in a frozen yogurt. And, to make things even better, it’s birthday cake. Not just regular boring old dumb cakey cake. Birthday cake. To celebrate you. Your fish will really love this flavor. It’ll be like a party in a bowl 24/7/365!