I’ve always hated being sick. When I’m sick, I turn into a giant bitch, I moan, and I cry, and all I want to do is be held by my mother. And then I have to call in to all of my commitments and I feel like such a horrible person. Not to mention, I then have to go to the doctor, and I hate going there because I get examined and I get medicine and that’s just no fun.

But being sick in college is approximately ten thousand times worse. First, I don’t exactly have the time nor the transportation to get to the doctor’s office. I have no money to spend at Walgreens on over the counter crap and the nurse can only supply so much. Then there’s the issue of actually being sick; moms always seem to know what you need when you have a queasy stomach and are still hungry, but here, I just moan and get myself confused. What do I do? How do I eat when all I want to do is throw up? And emailing into Professors is a nightmare; not only is there a limited number of absences, but I miss like three weeks of homework (or so it feels, because missing one concept can take a semester to learn).

I always thought I could be the independent girl when I get sick. Sure, I may need a doctor, but I know what to do.


To all the college kids fighting the flu right now, know you are not alone. I’m crying with you.