Why 'Friendship Breakups' Hurt So Much
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Friend Breakups Exist, And They Can Hurt More Than Romantic Breakups

Even though this friendship is over, life still continues as if nothing has happened which can make it easy to feel as though the whole world is against you in this tough time.

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Friendship breakups are real and can be just as painful, if not worse, than the ending of a romantic relationship. Although we never seem to hear about it in popular culture/the media, they certainly happen to more people than you'd think. This can leave you heart-broken, sad, and possibly even a little hopeless. While it's important to acknowledge how you feel, don't yourself dwell on the hard feelings.

You're now two separate people walking along two completely different roads, with no intentions to cross paths along the way. Even though this friendship is over, life still continues as if nothing has happened which can make it easy to feel as though the whole world is against you in this tough time.

Suppressing your emotions will only lead to an explosion of more emotions later. Honor how you feel and don't be ashamed of it. We're all human, meaning it is perfectly normal for us to be upset over something that once held great significance in our lives. At the same time, don't acknowledge your feelings too much. Sulking has the ability to make you feel worse. Keep yourself occupied with tasks that will make you forget about the situation for some time. If possible, leave your house/apartment/dorm to make sure you are actually busy. Go for a run, try (window) shopping, or pick up a new hobby.

It's almost as if society rejects the idea of breaking up with a friend. While a lot of people often use the dreaded phrase "if we're still together" very rarely does anyone say "if we're still friends." Why do we view romantic partners as the only ones capable of breaking our hearts? As someone who acts as a companion in one way or another, losing them can take just as much of a toll on you. Perhaps it hurts even more.

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