25 Most Romantic Moments From 'Friends'
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The 25 Most Romantic 'Friends' Moments That'll Always Be There For You, Even If You're On A Break

It may seem like we're never finding love in this dating culture, but at least we can pretend ours are perfectly laid out like theirs.

The 25 Most Romantic 'Friends' Moments That'll Always Be There For You, Even If You're On A Break
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It's hard to believe that we have been blessed for the past twenty-five years with such an incredible series filled too many amazing moments to even count. "Friends" is filled with not only laughter and comedy but even so much romance.

The best moments are the moments which make your heart warm and gushy from all the romance and love between so many characters. We're able to live out the total timeline of Chandler and Monica starting a family, Joey (briefly) falling in love with Rachel, Phoebe finally marrying Mike, the constant back and forth between Ross and Rachel, and then all the way down to "The Last One" when Rachel gets off the plane!

So even though this anniversary comes in September when all of your friends are getting back in relationships and posting pictures of apple picking and you're just dying for someone to carve pumpkins with, rewatch some of the most romantic moments and remind yourself that even if someone like Ross or Chandler can find love, so can we!

When Ross turns the worst date into the best date.

This is honestly one of my favorite scenes because he turned such a bad situation into such a solid memory.

When Ross teaches Rachel how to do laundry.

In season one Rachel is trying her hardest to tackle adulting by doing her own laundry and Ross, who is hopelessly in love with Rachel, takes the time to show her what to do and even helps her stand up for herself against the aggressive New Yorker.

When Chandler accidentally says "I love you."

Monica tries her hardest to cheer up Chandler after he finds out why he lost his toe and he realizes he loves her.

When Monica and Chandler tell each other "I love you."

This one is confusing, considering that Chandler had already said "I love you" to Monica in season five episode eight, but Phoebe and Rachel were trying to get Chandler to admit that he was dating Monica and in the process, he realizes that he actually loves Monica and Monica loves Chandler.

When Joey protects Rachel during the scary movie.

Joey is battling his feelings for Rachel as they keep developing so this scene of him comforting her against the scary movie as he realizes that he has even more feelings for her. Please excuse me while I cry.

When Joey makes room for Rachel's baby.

"Friends" season 8 episode 7

Warner Bros.

I couldn't find a clip of this but at the end of the season eight episode seven, Joey gets a crib and makes room for Rachel's baby to prove she doesn't need to move out and it's the sweetest thing.

When Monica and Chandler decide to have a baby.

"I'm not crazy about babies, I'm crazy about us." and cue my tears of dying alone.

When Joey promises Rachel that she'll never be alone.

I will forever stan Rachel and Joey.

When Ross doesn't get a cat.

The scene speaks for it self beautifully.

When Ross plans his proposal for Rachel.

This part is super short but in this scene Ross and Rachel are pretending to be married for everyone at the party, and there's a moment when Ross describes how he proposed to Rachel and even though it was made up, you can tell that he's already put thought into it.

When Joey tells Rachel he's falling in love with her.

They hug it out! How could you ever not love this scene?!

When Rachel dresses up as Princess Leia.

This scene is kind of funny and kind of romantic because she literally dresses up at Princess Leia just to fulfill his romantic fantasy.

When Monica and Chandler say their vows.

I cried during the propsal and I cried during the ceremony.

When Ross tries to make-up with Rachel.

It's sad but he confesses his entire love for her.

When Monica finds out that Richard is falling in love with her.

Aside from the weird scene with her parents, Monica finds out that Richard is falling in love her and then she even tells her parents.

When Mike tells Phoebe he misses her.

Monica said it best when she screamed "Kiss him you fool!"

When Chandler thinks Monica is pregnant.

He bought a onesie!!

When Rachel finds out about prom.

Still find it unbelievable that Rachel never knew Ross was in love with her until the very end of season one.

When Chandler quits his job and goes home.

He quit his entire job just to go home to her!

When Chandler proposes because he's sorry.

I mean he wasn't ready but it's the thought that counts.

When Mike confesses his love for Phoebe.

"friends" season nine episode seven

I couldn't find a clip of this one but in season nine episode seven, Mike stands up for Phoebe to his parents after they say they are never going anywhere and finally realizes that he loves Phoebe and it's honestly one of the cutest things ever.

When Chandler can see his life with Monica.

Chandler was willing to give up his entire savings just to make Monica's dream wedding happen. But Chandler used to be so afraid of any kind relationship and commitment so for him to be able to envision his whole life with Monica means something really special.

When Monica and Chandler get engaged.

If you don't cry during this scene you are heartless, that's all I have to say.

When Phoebe and Mike get married.

Phoebe and Mike FINALLY get married!

When Rachel gets off the plane.


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