It all happened in the blink of an eye. Our 13 years in grade school flew by quicker than we could ever imagine, and graduation night was upon us. Everyone exchanged hugs and took awkward photos, saying that this isn't a goodbye, but rather a "see you later." However, this is not always the case.

It is natural to drift apart from your original friends from your hometown when you move on from high school and into college, even if you aren't going to school overly far away. People develop their own unique ambitions, goals and priorities as time goes on. For some, that includes keeping in touch with old friends, and for others, that may not be on the agenda.

While at school, your friends from home are the people you reference as you tell your newfound friends at school the stories of your past. It's when you share your experiences of your high school glory days that you realize that they're probably talking about you in the same way as well.

It's all about balance, really. Your friends from home taught you lessons that you'll apply in the future while your friends from school will put those lessons to the test and ultimately help you find your true, lifelong friends. Not to say that all of the people you associated with in high school will never be of significance in your life again, but it is common for people to grow on an individual level, especially when they are in a geographical location away from their home and friend group. It is OK to broaden your social horizons and allow new people to enter your life and become your friends.

With that being said, you shouldn't burn bridges with everyone from your high school circle. When things get tough at school, whether in terms of academic hardships or friendship troubles, it's nice to have some people from home to rely on as an unbiased venting and advice outlet. You won't have to worry about people finding out what you said about them because the person you told could be three states away.

The opposite idea applies to your friends at school as well. For example, when your friends from home are stirring drama in the group chat, or you just need to complain about someone from home in general, you can go to your school friends and seek those unbiased opinions and words of advice as you would in the other situation. College can be scary, and no one should have to go through their time in school alone.

Your friends from home and your friends from school should play an equal role in your life, regardless of how much you see either group. Sometimes, the best of friends you have are the ones you don't always need to see or even talk to on a daily basis. Those sorts of friendships can pick up right where they were left off, and that signifies a solid connection.

Whether they're from home or from school, if they are really your true friends, they will support you and your choices and goals no matter where you end up.