Friends For Everything
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Friends For Everything

20 different kinds of friends.

Friends For Everything
Zhi George

Over the course of our lifetime we meet a variety of people for different reasons. While some only pass through the doors of our lives, it's safe to say that friends come and go. However, there are a true few that will stick around forever. These are the best kind of friends. Different friends bring out different traits of yourself. Take notes! Your best friend might even be your better half, your soulmate: the one that is your partner in crime, ready to make crazy, impulsive decisions with at 3:00 a.m. on a Tuesday morning.

1. (S)he's "Just a Friend," Friend

We've all had that one friend where we can't quite figure out the relationship between us. I mean, on one hand it's like s(he)'s really cute but you don't want to ruin your friendship if things don't end well. On the other hand, maybe the feeling isn't mutual, or both of you are just too scared to address the tension between you guys.

2. The "Mom" Friend

If you're the "mom" friend, you probably often hear the sarcastic reply of "Thanks mom," and "Wow. Okay, Mom," a lot. Even though you might be about the same age as your friends, there's always a "mom" friend. If this is you, you're probably the friend that packs snacks, paper towels, reminds everyone what to bring before going on trips, asks your friends to text you when they get home safely after leaving you, and the one who DD's and drives your friends everywhere. You might even drive a "mom" car.

3. The Clueless One

This is the friend that constantly asks questions and can't figure out what is going on or has been going on for the last 20 minutes. You might question this one, especially when you can't quite figure out if they're trying to be stupid or just really don't know what the heck is going on. In other words, they're always clueless. But hey, they're your friend for a reason! Who knows, maybe they suffer from short term memory loss like Dory! Or ... maybe they're just a complete airhead.

4. The Innocent One

You probably have a love-hate relationship with this friend. The Goody Two Shoes? Yeah. This is probably the friend your parents compare you to during a fight, as they go "Why can't you be like _____? I bet they/their parents don't (let them do this!)" But in reality, you know your friend better than anyone, so you know that your friend is just really good at hiding their mysterious side. When your parents compare you to your not so innocent friend, it drives you crazy.

5. The Fun and Crazy One

This is the friend you want to have. They can make a boring or awkward situation fun in no time! They're really good at improvising and breaking the ice. If you're ever feeling down, you know what friend you can have a crazy, fun time with!

6. The Funny One

This is the friend that you can be goofy with and have a conversation with purely through facial expressions, silly faces, and random noises, weird accents. But it's totally like having a normal conversation! Others might not understand, but if you have a friendship like this, cherish it!

7. The One That Won't Shut Up

Sometimes there's nothing better and nothing worse than a friend that won't shut up. On the positive side, you're making it easy for me not to need to add anything to what you have to say. And if it's an interesting topic, then sure, talk your mouth off! But, if you can only talk about yourself and not contribute to anything I have to add to the conversation, you need to chill out, dude.

8. The Friend That's Actually Family

This is the friend that can just show up and basically live at your house after you plan a sleepover one night. Instead, they end up staying at your house for five nights. They're totally comfortable at your house and around your family. They know where everything is and don't even worry about walking around your house even if you're still asleep when they get up in the morning. Sometimes they even come over just to hang out with your parents when you're not home. Other times they'll show up in your driveway at 1:00 a.m. The surprise and endless visits never end!

9. The Older/Younger Brother-Sister Friend

This type of friendship doesn't even revolve around fairness or equality. That's just something that's already in-between you too. At the same time, this is the friend that's been there your whole life, whether you like it or not. They're mean to you, you're mean to them; they're your long lost sibling. They'll protect you and have your back no matter what. At the same time, they'll be on your back and let you know it.

10. The One That Inspires You

This is the friend that seems like they really have their life together. They have always known what they have wanted to do with their lives, and now they are. Amazing, right? Probably don't like them because they're doing better than you, but hey, be proud that you know them. Even if you two don't have a strong bond, you keep them around. In a way, you see them as a source of motivation. You want to be successful like they are.

11. The Sassy One

The sassy friend is the one with a response to everything! This friend will keep you laughing, but only after you understand his or her sense of humor. They may come off as straightforward or rude, but most of the time the statements that come out of their mouths are sarcastic or clever. Gotta have high energy to keep up with this one!

12. The Friend That's Hungry All the Time

This is the friend that you know would be down to go through the drive-thru at 2:00 a.m. because they woke up and don't want to make pizza rolls in the microwave and wake up the rest of their family. But, there's always that one friend who loves food just as much as you! So, if you were to ask me, I'm down. I'll show up outside of your window at 1:30 a.m. and I'll drive us to In & Out to get a Double-Double and a strawberry milkshake!

13. The One With the Best/Worst Advice

This is the friend that helps you out when you feel like your life is just too much to handle at the moment. They tell you things that you need to know without even realizing that they helped at all. Other times, they don't know how to help you and give you the worst advice ever, but sometimes it just makes sense. These are the friends that make you realize that there's nothing to worry about at all and that you are totally upset for no reason at all. "Life's tough, get a helmet!"

14. The Friend That's a Little Bit Too Honest

This is the friend that you can't help but fantasize strangling, but if you didn't you wouldn't hear what you need to hear. Be glad that they're there to make sure that someone tells you what you need to know. Even if it's hard, this is a special type of friend.

15. The One Who Listens

This is the friend that listens to you no matter what. They're a great outlet, no matter what there is to talk about, and won't judge you. They know how important it is to have someone you can trust, so they listen to you because they know that when they have something they want to talk about, you'll listen in return.

16. The One You Just Click With

This friendship comes totally naturally, and thank God for that! Friendships shouldn't take extra work, so this comfortable atmosphere is perfect when taking a break from hanging out with your regular group of friends. You just have so much in common that you don't even have to think about what to talk about.

17. The One With the Best Dating Advice

What's more annoying than boy problems? We all have a go-to friend that we go to for boy advice, right? We even text-bomb our friends in the middle of the night with screenshots of our text messages, asking what we should reply and what emojis to send. I mean, if we text back before making him wait 15 minutes and typing and retyping our texts a hundred times, how do you figure out what he wants?

18. The Friend You Know a Little Too Much About

Let's be honest, we all have that one friend that we know way too much about and we wish we didn't. We've all heard some stories that we wish we hadn't. It's funny though because, think about it, we're probably that friend to someone too!

19. The Friend Who Doesn't Give a ****

Whichever 4 letter word you want to replace the **** with, this friend doesn't give a ****!

20. The Friend Who Doesn't Listen

This is the friend that makes dumb decisions and asks for your opinion, but really doesn't want to hear it, or anything you have to contribute.

Having all of these different types of friends keeps you a well rounded person, each friend bringing in a different kind of light into your life. They even bring out a different light in you. Pay attention to when these different traits show through!

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