Friend-Zoning Sucks From All Side Of The Relationship


So, your best friend just declared their undying love for you. They just spent the last ten minutes describing you as their perfect goddess. And you're just standing there with a blank expression on your face, blinking every few minutes as you are trying to not picture them as the boy in third grade who was eating paste.

Uhm. Thank you?

You have no idea what to say. I love you too? But, bro, just as a friend.

It hurts being on the receiving end of that line, but it hurts just as much being the one having to say it. You are now faced in an awkward, painful situation where you may have just lost your best friend. Neither of you did something wrong. The way you feel, whether it be romantically or as a friend, is normal. But the way you feel can hurt someone else. And that just sucks. Its the truth, of nobody doing anything wrong, but can still lead to hearts hurting. You didn't want to hurt your friend. No, not at all. You love them and you always have told them that they deserve a special girl who is going to love all the weird quirky things about them. But that girl isn't you. And as much as you love them and want them to be happy, you just can't give them that level of affection.

This may mean that the times of you two stargazing and yelling at the television at your guy's favorite football team is over. It happens. Talk to them how you feel. Communicate with them openly. Does this put you in an awkward situation with your current partner? Do they feel comfortable going back to just as friends? What do they need?Chances are it took a lot of courage from them to open up to you about how they felt. Respect that. Listen to what they have to say because if you were at the other end of that conversation, you would want to be listened to as well. Tell them that you truly care about them, and if it still is true, that no matter what you will always be there for them. It is not going to be easy for them to hear. So respect and understand that their reactions may not be pleasant. And to the person on the other side doing the declaring, now that it is hard to do the rejecting. That the people friend-zoning you, really do care. We just aren't the one who is met to be hearing those words.

Someone out there is met to hear how they are your true goddess. How they are beautiful and your special someone. But today, its not us who are met to hear that. Please respect that we don't have the same intimate feelings towards you. Please understand that it hurts to break your heart because we truly do love you. But we never ever wanted to hurt you.

It sucks breaking someone heart. It sucks, even more, when it is someone you love and care for. But just not in that way,

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