To My Best Friend On Her Wedding Day

Dear Maddy,

Spending Sunday with you and attending your wedding was the best way I could have spent my day.

I love you!

I'm so happy for you and for your new husband and proud that you two decided to take that step in life together and follow your hearts.

People will say that you're too young to be married and that you have your whole life ahead of you to find love. But I know you've found your happily ever after and I couldn't wish more for you.

You are my best friend and no matter what I'll always be there for you when you need me.

So to you, on your wedding day, (and you better believe I'll be quoting this when you have your big fancy wedding):

Since we met about four years ago, I knew you would be my best friend. You truly created a monster. I was so shy and quiet and then you appeared. Your short, purple haired, loudly opinionated self. We have way too many memories to laugh at to ever stop calling the other "best friend". From selling our children on the black market in order to buy a bigger house to getting signed photos from bands because you know I wanted them.

We went to Homecoming together and I got to dance with my best friend. The sleepovers where we devoured bags of Doritos and my nephew Alduin sleeping on my hip. I got to watch you develop in life, I saw your heartbreak and heal again. Dancing around the room to Fergalicious and falling into doors because gravity is rude.

I saw the look in your eye when you came home from work and told me about your future husband. You didn't know it yet, but he would become your world. Through the texts and screenshots you've sent my way, you two made a path together and followed it. You two are beautiful together and I know your future will be wonderful. I love you both.

Congratulations, best friend.

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