I see a lot of articles in which people interview their friends or significant others, and I've always wanted to write something like that. And as I was thinking about leaving for college and saying goodbye to my friends, it hit me.

I decided to interview my friends about me leaving for college, asking what they've learned from our friendship.

So, I called up a dozen of my friends and asked them if I could interview them. I asked them three simple questions. Their answers made me laugh, cry and swell with joy. I have the best friends in the entire world.

Question One: It sounds conceited, but will you miss me when I'm in college?

1. Yes, I can't even start to explain how much I am going to miss you. You have become one of my greatest friends and, in all honesty, you have become my family. I can't begin to express how much of an impact you have made on my life and how much you have helped me grow. Who's going to help me do that when you're gone?

2. Obviously. You're the best friend I could ask for.

3. No, I won't miss you. *laughing emoji* Of course I'll miss you.

4. Yes. I already do.

5. Yes, for sure. You are legit my best friend.

6. Yeah, I'll miss you.

7. Yes, ma'am, your sarcastic/goofy sense of humor is Redheads. You really care about your friends.

8. Yes, definitely.

9. Yes *crying emoji*

10. I can't imagine our youth group without you. I'm going to miss you so much.

11. Yes, of course!! There's going to be a really noticeable hole in youth group. :(

12. Duh. Most of my time was normally spent with you and when we don't see each other for a week I miss you so I can't really imagine a whole school year (without you.)

Question Two: What will you miss about me?

1. I will miss how caring you are. I will miss how you're always there for me when I need you, even it's to help figure out the pettiest of situations. I will miss how you have been like a big sister to me and how you always calm down my craziness when I'm freaking out. I will miss how we can be stupid together. I will miss seeing how evident your love for Jesus is every Wednesday and Sunday. Actually, I'll miss that heart for Jesus every day of the week because, girl, you shine your light everywhere you go, every day of the week. And I think that's what I'll miss most.

2. Your smile and love for Fitness Marshall.

3. I will miss the funny Vine quotes you make all the time. The way you can cheer someone up with your goofiness. Most of all, I'll miss how you're a true friend and you stick with a person through thick and thin, no matter what people put on you or how they treat you.

4. I will miss you always coming up to me and saying you had a new dream you had to tell me about.

5. Your personality, smile, laugh, stories and love. And hanging out with you.

6. A very charismatic and caring personality.

7. Everything I mentioned in the first question and your smile.

8. All the fun moments like quoting Vines, serious convos, and intense prayers, feel-good hugs with my bestie, and overall just memories...

9. You are super easy to talk to and I just love your fun, sassy attitude. I am going to miss hanging out with you and talking till 5 in the morning. You genuinely care for us and I'm going to miss someone that isn't afraid to step out and show someone how much they're loved. I'm going to miss your advice, too.

10. Everything, but specifically your amazing leadership qualities and how you're always there when we need you.

11. The way you make everyone always feel loved, comfortable, and included, even if you're not super close. Your kindness is always evident.

12. You talking about Broadway every five seconds.

Question Three: What have you learned from our friendship?

1. I have learned that people can start out thinking someone else hates them (i.e., you when you first met me) and then turn into the best of friends in just a short amount of time. I have learned that I cannot let anyone mistreat me, whether it be a cute boy or a mean girl. I have learned that even though I may be in the midst of the even the hardest of times, there is still a reason to smile. You have taught me all these things and more through our friendship, and I cannot thank you enough.

2. I've learned that even when our lives are rough, we can come to each other and smile for a little while. You've always managed to make me laugh when I felt like crying.

3. I learned that true friends stay together, that just because someone says something to make you dislike someone for a bit, you don't ditch them. You keep that friendship because that friendship is more important than the words someone says.

4. I learned that it doesn't matter who you are, but the relationships you make with people last forever.

5. I've learned true friends should encourage you to do good and that true friends actually roast each other because they like to make each other laugh.

6. I've learned not all short people are evil.

7. Redheads have a soul. :D

8. No matter what happens, trust God in all situations. Good seasons and bad, God is always in control. Servanthood to put the needs of the church and your friends above your own.

9. I learned that even though you may have known someone since you were eight and you live less than ten minutes away from them, that doesn't mean you're friends automatically. There's a difference between an acquaintance and a true friend. True friends genuinely care and pray for one another. I know our friendship will continue to grow, even though you won't be as close as you were.

10. The biggest thing our friendship has taught me is it's okay to be myself and that is doesn't matter what others think, it matters only what God thinks. That I should keep being who God made me to be and to seek Him with all my heart.

11. I have learned that God sends you exactly what you need exactly when you need it. Us becoming friends has really touched me and has helped me grow as a person. It also taught me to let my guard down and just be vulnerable with people in order to grow closer to them.

12. A lot. It's taught me about myself and caused me to grow in a lot of ways. The most important, though, is that I've learned I don't always have to do things alone and it's OK to lean on someone every now and then.

Thank you to each of my friends for letting me interview them. Your responses — and more importantly, your friendships —have meant so much to me. You have told me what you will miss about me and what our friendship has taught you, but I will never be able to express what I'll miss about each of you and what each relationship has taught me.

You each have a special place in my heart, and I'm going to miss you all greatly.

You're my best friends. I love you, guys. Family forever, no matter how many miles come between us.

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