Friday I'm in Love

There's no one better to profess your love to on Valentine's Day than your Gal Pals. Galentine's Day was originally introduced to me by the famed Leslie Knope, and because of that, my besties and I spent the day together in celebration of our friendship. So without further ado, here's an itinerary of our Friday Galentine’s Day (which yes, starts on Thursday)

Thursday 8pm-11pm

Movies, Tattoo Girls, Lie to me. Complete with screaming at the computer and judging everyone. All such great shows.

Friday 12pm

Wake up. Because we are lazy college kids. We need that TLC.


Attempt to wake the sleeping demon (unsuccessful).


A glamorous Dining hall breakfast complete with heart shaped Yorks and Vday m&ms


Pick up starbucks chai latte and heart sprinkled cake pop. Attempt to appease sleeping demon (successful!). She has awoken.


“treat yo self” valentine's day Paper Source run. Gets adorable little cards and stickers for mini journal making.


Beautiful walk through the commons.


Home from walk. Craft time begins. Listen to cute folky music and make the most adorable little journals for motivation, life, organization, etc.


Dining hall dinner pt.2 with the ladies. ‘Cause we are broke college kids.


Leave for a girls night out.

Much love Ladies.

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