I remember the first day we met at in-processing for freshmen in the field house. My dad was next to me, you looked over and waved. “Hi, I think I’m your roommate!” Little did I know, three years later, I’d be writing this letter as we both go onto two different paths, but yet are still so close.

Three years ago we were such different people. We laughed together as we would walk around campus and talk about how these years will be the best ones yet. I didn’t realize how fast they would fly by. We would look at all of the uniforms and realized in a few years, these will be our friends. But for now, we’re all just freshmen.

Nobody will ever understand our late night talks, the laughs that you and I only share. Nobody ever told me, but those were the moments that I would cherish most about college. And even if we grew apart for a while, or we had our spats, at the end of the day we would always find our way back to one another because that’s what sisters do.

I remember your tomato-macaroni soup during late night study sessions. I was in love with easy-mac. (Still both true.) We would laugh at one another because we knew exactly when our snack times were and if we missed one and got undoubtedly cranky, yell at one another to eat our damn macaroni.

We would sit in the hallways and made friends with our neighbors together. We would laugh hysterically in the staircases at late night hours because one of us was sitting on the platforms and pondering. Remember when random people would walk up to our door at night? People would ask how we knew them, we really didn’t-they just liked to visit our room every now and then.

Our late night 3 a.m. missions, how could I forget? Or when it was so nice out and we just walked everywhere and laughed and people would look at us so confused. But you were the one person who never judged me but laughed along. Our late night study sessions in the library. You were my library date every night. Thank you for that.

Three years later, you’ve found someone who lights up your world. It’s so amazing to see you so happy with him. I hope he knows that I will always third wheel whenever I want because you were my best friend first. You watched as I found myself three years later, saying goodbye to the person who I fell in love with, and who you watched me leave behind to better myself, and find my new career path. Thank you for always being my support system.

To the person who will be in my wedding one day, the person who will be Auntie, the person who I will always laugh over "Finding Dory" with thank you for the best years of college. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for growing with me these past few years. And thank you for requesting me as your roommate.

518 forever.