As a college student, I am busy almost all the time.

Between taking five classes, work, homework, Odyssey articles, being an officer for an organization, maintaining friendships, graduation and trying to get into graduate school, I am absolutely tired!

Whenever I have a free moment, I'd like to be productive, try new hobbies or start a project. However, that usually never happens.

I'm not unmotivated; I'm just tired.

I've always been that person who couldn't be bored, even for a second. I had to be stimulated constantly, otherwise I would be grouchy and irritable.

This part of me hasn't changed much. I still like to be constantly stimulated, but sometimes I just need to take a break and relax.

Without further adieu, here are 13 things I would like to do when I have free time, even though I probably won't actually do any of them.

1. Write a short story 

I was doing really good on one of my short fictions, but I haven't touched it since March. I should probably get back on it!

2. Learn how to cook 

One of these days, I'll learn how to cook without my fire alarm screaming in protest!

3. Submit an extra Odyssey article

For some reason, my brain only functions when it doesn't need to.

4. Learn a new language

Does sarcasm count?

5. Clean my room 

If nobody is around to see how messy my room is, is it really messy?

6. Go to the gym

Oh, if only I didn't suffer from a chronic medical condition called "laziness."

7. Get a head start on homework

Too bad I'm an expert at putting things off until the last minute. You can't spell "procrastination" without "pro!"

8. Make a song cover 

I'll cover the song, and you'll cover your ears!

9. Shop like London Tipton

I have the shopping mentality of London Tipton, but I have the shopping budget of Maddie Fitzpatrick.

10. Start a blog 

Does Odyssey count?

11. Learn how to play a musical instrument 

Me after dinging the triangle one time: "I am Beethtoven. Hear me compose music even though I can't hear it myself."

12. Read a good book 

Maybe I should start reading those books I bought three years ago.

13. Hang out with a friend 

I love my best friend more than Taco Tuesday!

14. What I actually do: Watch Netflix until I go to bed. 

Everyone deserves a break after a hard day.

Maybe I just need some extra motivation in the form of a Venti Maple-Pecan Latte from Starbucks.