Four Ways To Make An Outstanding First Impression

Four Ways To Make An Outstanding First Impression

Quick and organic ways to get noticed on the new job.

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The first few weeks of being at a new workplace can be overwhelming with new information. Being bogged down with the the on-boarding process and the anxiety of the unknown in a new workplace setting has the potential of holding you back from doing your most outstanding job. Streamline your opportunities to succeed in a new position with the four concepts of compliance, communication, contribution and connection.

Try to Comply

Embracing compliance is one the best ways to establish yourself in a new workplace setting. Establishing that you are willing to understand the rules and the culture of a structured organization can grant you an opportunity to gain credibility when providing personal input. Being experienced in the operational mission of the organization is also a great idea if you are looking to make a significant change as an influencer. Compliance shows a capacity for hard work, when organizations feel that you meet their standards, you earn credibility to establish yourself, in the event that the input that you may have challenges the standards.

Communicate and Listen

Communication is a skill that I am constantly challenging myself to develop within my career as a consultant and project manager. Through some success and some failure, I have learned out of every outcome that communication will always lead to the route of a solution. Learn how to adjust to varying communication styles to articulate your message clearly to the people that need to hear it. In addition to articulating, take time to listen. Avoid listening just to formulate a response. Be present when you are communicating so that you are streamlined to the optimum solution with the information and resources that you and your team may have.

Contribute to the Culture

We all know that organizations can have a firmly established brand or culture. One thing I would urge you to remember in a new workplace setting is that if you were selected for a position, you were chosen by that organization as the best fit based on your skills and your background. Remember to share your own unique experiences in areas that compliment the culture of your new workplace. If you know something that could potentially be an opportunity to improve the overrall culture of an organization, open a discussion with your teammembers and assess the need to push your idea to the decision-makers if a change is being proposed.

Create a Connection

I believe that the key to attaining longevity in any career would be through the establishment of quality connections. Build relationships with as many people as you can when you are in a new workplace. Maintaining a warm and positive demeanor while managing your daily operations is a great way to streamline your opportunities of advancement. Employing the other skills in compliance, communication and contribution are great ways to build these connections very quickly and organically. Understand that some connections maybe harder than others and know that authenticity is one of the best ways to at least establish a connection built on respect.

Employing these four concepts in an unfamiliar workplace is a great way to show up and show out with an organization. While these are not one size fit all solutions, I have found that each of these concepts are an organic and brief way to establish yourself as an outstanding team member. Streamline your success with these tips and comment to let me know how these tips have worked for you!

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