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    “Greetings. My name is Kylan. I am an International Business student from Florida, USA."

    An enterprising social activator, crafting a career of global citizenship with a passion of global service and advocacy. Professional trajectory of diplomacy in international press and digital strategy.

    My top five StrengthsFinder results are as follows: Strategic, Self-Assurance, Restorative, Significance, and Focus.

    Completed Associates in Arts focus in Marketing with concentrations in Project Management, Information and Communication Technologies.

    Concurrent Bachelors in Arts focus in Business Administration, Marketing with concentrations in Chinese Studies and International Relations.

    Acquired proficiency in areas of Project Management, Public Relations, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Information and Communication Technologies, UX Design Social Media and New Media Management.

    Establishing proficiency in areas of Organization Development, Public Diplomacy, News Writing, and Chinese Studies with a focus in International Development. Trajectory of diplomacy as an International Press Officer and a Digital Strategy Consultant in the private and public sectors.

    Integrating Public Relations and International Development backgrounds with nonviolent direct action initiatives aimed at empowering the underserved populations in the United States, the Caribbean, and East Asia.

    Engaged in research in areas of Human Rights, Peace and Security, and Sustainable Development. Recreational objective of developing a Social Justice think tank aimed at Diversity, Inclusion, and Progressive Change.

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