Four Types of Girls You Will Definitely Meet In College

Four Girls You'll Meet In College

Here's a few of the many girls you will come across in college, as explained through Kardashian GIFs.

College is a time where you meet and interact with people you probably wouldn't typically engage with on a regular basis otherwise. Although the variety of people you will meet in college is startling, there's a few characters who remain consistent no matter where you are, and they may even be your friends. Here's four girls you will most definitely meet in college, as told through GIFs from America's favorite girls - the Kardashians.

1. The one that's always tired

It seems no matter how late she stayed up the night before (working on essays or binging Netflix) or how early she turned in for the night, she always appears to be sleepy! Every time you both have a conversation, it'll be littered with yawns. But she's just a sleepy girl in a sleepy world.

2. The one that's always hungry

She's the one you can always count on to accompany you to the dining hall or cafeteria. She's always in the mood for food, no matter how recently she just ate. If you're having trouble finishing your food, you can always count on her to swoop in to save the day, or should I say, the plate. Keep your snack stash to yourself!

3. The one who always has an attitude

Nothing seems to be good enough for her and there's always a complaint to be had. While she can air on the side of negativity more often than not, at many time she's the best person to run to when you wanna share your grievances, because you know she'll have something to add. Often, her sassy remarks and eye rolls are notable fixtures to conversations, and you can tell when she's had enough - which is all the time. Don't mess with her, for your own sake.

4. The one who's always partying

The queen of living life to the fullest! We can't tell if we love her for her carefree attitude and her perpetual willingness to have a good time or if we're secretly jealous because we wish we could party as much as she does. But she's always ready to share her scoop on the hottest spots and let you borrow her cute party clothes. She's wild, but she's also got an 8 A.M. in the morning, so don't be too envious of her late nights.

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