I messed up,

I bought a plane ticket without

Checking the fine print

No refunds, no returns

No going back.

The rules were rules

And that was that.

Well, my plans changed for an interview

And my ticket needed to too

I called and asked for a change

"The rules were the rules" they said

There was nothing they could exchange.

I called the next day to a sweet voice on the line,

I told her my story, she listened the whole time.

She said she would see what she could do,

She really wanted me to make that interview.

Her days are filled with endless complaints,

yet she treated mine with the care of a saint.

She called and haggled with the other folks

Saying, although the rules are the rules,

I was going to make it to that school

interview, one way or another.

I got my ticket changed free of cost,

If not my $300 would have been lost,

But besides the money and besides the plans

She showed me the work of the divine's hand.

I failed to read the fine print,

I should have just bought a new ticket

But she saw something in me

—She made my problems her own—

And showed a inexplicable mercy.

And maybe that's what God does too

He looks past all the fine print rules

And feels for what you're going through

He will fight for you, no matter what you do.

And although I'll never meet this women

On the other line

And it was just a stupid fine

And this is just a stupid poem

In the grand scheme of time.

She didn't do it for the glory

but she deserves to be recognized.

We need more people like

the Angel on the airplane helpline.