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If fortnite were a movie I would bet on one of these 10 characters To Win

Katniss is the OG Fortnite player

If fortnite were a movie I would bet on one of these 10 characters To Win

Let me start with some ground rules: I am not allowing any superpowers as that would be an unfair advantage. These are all characters with realistic abilities who would be dropped into our favorite game. Let's see how it would play out.

1. John Wick

His skin was in the game for a reason. John Wick is an absolute badass who will kill anything in his sites and do whatever it takes to survive a battle royal. Don't mess with John Wick's dog and don't bet against him in Fortnite.

2. Jason Bourne

He is an expert at running from people who is after him. Seriously, by the third movie, Matt Damon said they didn't have much of a script, and they were just having him run around and hit people. A man who survived on his own for so long with an entire government agency after him would definitely do well on the island.

3. Katniss Everdeen

This world was built for Katniss. Fortnite is basically a rip off of "The Hunger Games." She will probably be one of the only characters properly using the crossbow and has the instinct and experience to survive. She's a Hunger Games champion and could easily win a victory royal.

4. Ethan Hunt

Jason Bourne might be an expert at running but Tom Cruise takes the cake as the goat of sprinting in films. I don't think he even looks at a script if it doesn't involve him sprinting. He is perfect for avoiding the storm and accepting the mission of winning Fortnite.

5. James Bond (Daniel Craig Version)

There are no ladies to woo in Fortnite world so I am going with Daniel Craig's bond as the strongest and most ruthless Bond. A most skilled fighter who also knows his way around a gun, he might not only be the most fearsome Bond, but the winner of the game. He'll leave his enemies shaken and stirred.

6. Black Widow

I said no superpowers but Black Widow doesn't have any. She is just a crazy agile fighter who is adept with her pistols. If I was dropping and saw her next to me, I'm running the other way before she scissor kills me. Don't mess with former Russian super-spies.

7. Liam Neeson in "Taken"

I know this character has a name but that is irrelevant because when I watch this film I call him Liam Nesson the entire time. This man has a very particular set of skills that could see him winning Fortnite, especially if you tell him one of the characters took his daughter.

8. That Girl With Blade Legs In "Kingsman"

I am going to say this isn't a superpower, so she is allowed in our party. While she met her demise, there is no denying how awesome she was in "Kingsman." Having those legs to chop people would give her an advantage she needs to come out on top.

9. The Cowardly Lion from "The Wizard Of Oz"

Hear me out on this one, there is a sector of Fortnite players who hid in bushes. There is no doubt in my mind that the cowardly lion would hide in a bush and survive until the final two. Hopefully he will then face his fears like he did in the film and come out on top.

10. Nicholas Cage in anything

I mean, look at this guy. A real winner who I wouldn't bet against in anything. Cage would get 20 kills on this island and steal the Declaration of Independence all in one days work.

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