One of my resolutions this year is to save more money. It's better to start now instead of worrying about paying off student loan debt after college.

1.Think about what you don’t need


For example, do you really need that gym membership? There is plenty of open space and equipment at parks to have a full body workout without that monthly membership.

2. Shop at stores with student discounts


Remember to always ask the store clerk if there is a student discount. In many cases, they will give you a discount if you have your student ID with you.

3. Use textbooks PDFs or find cheaper alternatives online


You can find PDFs for textbooks on the Facebook group page for your college. You can also use platforms, such as Chegg and Amazon to find prices cheaper than those at your college's student store.

4. Take full advantage of your meal plan by using any extra swipes on things you would normally buy


For example, you can swipe water bottles or to-go sandwiches instead of buying them at stores or restaurants.

5. Make an expenses spreadsheet


Use it to see exactly where your money is going and see where you can budget more effectively.

Save money where you can, and live in a more prudent manner to invest that money for a better future until you reach a certain level of stability in your life.