To whom it may concern:
You wronged me. I held my grudge too tight and let my pain linger too long. Yes, you inflicted this wound, but I let it bleed. I didn't get to choose the sorrows that interrupted my life, but as time has passed, I realized I could choose how to handle them. I could stop robbing myself from the happiness I longed for, and I could let the pain change me.
I have endured, but this is me conquering. I forgive you. I forgive the people who abandoned me and showed me loneliness. I forgive the people who made me feel small and showed me discontent. I forgive the people who took me for granted and showed me distress. I forgive the people who made me feel inadequate and showed me disappointment. I forgive the people who lied and showed me disloyalty. I forgive the people who doubted me and showed me ignorance. But most importantly, I forgive myself.
I forgive myself for holding myself hostage, by reliving negative emotion.
I was given this storm to walk through, and along the way I was blessed with grace. God gave purpose to my pain. My soul has prospered and my heart is resilient. I let go and let God guide me to extraordinary joy, and now I am free.