To The Younger Me
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Student Life

To The Younger Me

a head start; a forewarning

To The Younger Me
Tom Hussey

To the younger me,

I'm writing this to you because I wish I would have had a forewarning for the crazy ride of a life I had in store.

First and foremost, I want you to know you are beautiful. I want to continue to enforce this in your head because there will be people who make you doubt your beauty because they just aren't ready for the glo' you will one day endure. Do not ever let the words of others make you feel any less of yourself. There will be days you will want to look like the other girls, be skinnier, be lighter, be society's idea of prettier. But do not buy into it. Your beautifully rich brown skin, defining bone structure, broad shoulders, crooked smile, and remarkable height are what make you the you that everyone loves. However, you must remember that you must love yourself in order to be loved.

Considering, that I know you pretty well since I've been there done that, I know all of your weaknesses, the things that make you tick, and the little things that make you smile. Be slow to love. Be slow to let individuals in your life. You like to incorporate people into your future as soon as you meet them. Know that not everyone is meant to be in your life forever. There is a time and a season for everyone and everything. Be slow to judge. Do not allow petty things to make you tick so easily. The people who you think you dislike will end up being some of your best friends. Always do the things you love. You have a great intuition. Let your right brain lead you. Go with your gut. Believe in yourself.

There will be boys you like. There will be boys who don't like you back. Do not ever shed a tear over a boy unless they are paying your bills and have placed a ring on your finger. Those boys that you think are perfect are not the ones. Explore, but keep it moving sister.

Do not forget to take time for yourself. You like to please others. You are a pure people pleaser. That quality is one of your best and worst traits. You know how to make people fall in love with you, but you tend to forget to make time to love yourself. Stop. Breath. Take a nap. Treat yoself. Eat the extra slice of pizza. Watch another episode. The world can have you later.

Don't make time for one-sided people. They will want you to treat them right, but they will not treat you right. They will continue to pick and pick you apart until you are all used up and because you have a hard time of removing people from your pre-planned out life you will find difficulty in cutting off one-sided relationships, but remember that although it may be momentarily painful it will feel so much better to let go of these people in the long run.

Cherish your friends and family. You were blessed with some amazing people in your life that really do love you. Remember to tell mom and dad you love them. They work hard to make things possible for you and you sometimes take them for granted. Sometimes you'll feel like they're being too tough, but they really just are trying to protect you and raise you into a strong, responsible, young woman.

You have a passion. Go after it. Never let anyone tell you you're not good enough. If you want something you're going to have to work hard for it. Hell, even harder than the other kids, but once you reach your dreams and aspirations, damn does it feel good.

Don't be afraid to piss people off. If you're not making people mad, you're probably not doing enough. It's okay to screw up. You wouldn't learn from your mistakes any other way and the older you wouldn't be able to write this letter to you.

Use big words. Don't study too hard. It's okay to take the easy way out sometimes. Senioritis is real-- prepare for it. Break the rules when feasible. Invest in an expensive foundation. You don't have to edit every adolescent selfie on Facebook. It's okay to only apply to one college. Wax your eyebrows (not too thin) and upper lip. Get out of your comfort zone. Don't use the teenage spirit deodorant. Read the tampon directions. Pray. Quit perming your hair. Put a case on your phone. Those raisins are not chocolate chips. Ride around the block one extra time to hear your favorite song. Thrift stores are not for poor people. You are not better than anyone. You deserve the world.

There's so much more I want to tell you, but I can't reveal every little secret to you because you do actually have to figure some things out on your own, but here's my gift to you-- a head start; a forewarning.

Think big.

Love hard.

Life is what you make it.


The older and wiser version of you.

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