Thank you.

Thank you for making me into the person I am today. Thank you for the countless hours that you changed my diapers, wiped my tears, drove me to the mall and dealt with my "drama." Thank you for trying to help me with my math homework, make dinner and save the world all at once. Thank you for instilling the love of a Heavenly Father in me, so that when my earthly one let me down, I still felt whole and loved. Thank you for taking off work so that I would have someone there when I got the flu for the third time in a year. Thank you for knowing what to say and what to do when I had the hundredth “worst day of my life.” Thank you for getting me to every practice, game, and key club meeting (even if we were a little late.) Thank you for understanding that some days I was angry, and that was okay. Because some days, you were too; but thank you for teaching me to never hold onto it. Thank you for being both mom and dad, and being awesome at it.

I’m Sorry.

I’m sorry that sometimes I didn’t understand how hard it was on you. I’m sorry that I couldn’t always see that work, bills, and trying to raise a family was a world of difficulty most times. I’m sorry for the times that I made it harder on you, and for the days when I blamed you. I’m sorry I didn’t understand that the days I was missing a dad you were also missing a husband, a provider and a helpmate. I’m sorry that I was selfish, and didn’t realize how blessed I was to have someone like you as my mom. I’m sorry for not realizing sooner that a dysfunctional family does not mean a broken one. I’m sorry for the pressure that was placed on you to be both roles. I’m sorry for the pain you felt, and the pain you felt even deeper for me. I’m sorry that you had to do it alone, because you deserve the world and then some. I’m sorry that sometimes you don’t see that, but know that I always do.

Here’s To us.

It hasn’t always been easy, or anywhere close to perfect.. but thanks for hanging in there with me; for teaching me to be strong, capable, fearless and brave. Because of you, I know how to be independent, I know how to drive (sort of), and I know how to allow someone to complement me but not complete me. I know that I am a whole person; unique, competent and full. I know that doing what is right always comes at a price, but it is always worth it. I know that life will come full circle no matter what I may face. I see the purpose in pain. I will appreciate people for the love and the lessons they bring into my life. I will not take a beautiful soul for granted. I will always come out of the battle stronger than when I went in with you right beside me. I will always take the high road and count my blessings daily, and it is because of the mom who had to be Both.