Football Is Overrated

Football Is Overrated

But the idea behind it isn`t.

Football is overrated, and before you get angry, please finish reading.

This is an unpopular opinion, and that`s okay, but I know I`m not alone in it. When I mentioned this while watching/listening/zoning in and out of the game, I got a few looks, which I expected, but I won`t conform and try to believe football is this amazing thing that the world would end without, because it`s not. I`ve never really been into watching a lot of sports, I`d rather be out on the field than stuck in the stands.

I am an athlete and have been for the last fifteen years. I have been involved in multiple sports, and am no stranger to hard work. I know there is a lot of time and effort put into becoming the best player you can be. Hours and hours of practice leads to the successful execution of plays in a game. People yelling in the stands won`t help you complete a pass, but it may encourage you to make one.

I`ve never really understood the appeal of watching "grown men" in tight pants run into each other while trying to protect/throw/catch a ball. All I can think is that it must really hurt their heads after a while. I personally would have an easier time catching a ball/finding a player to block if my head wasn't spinning from collision number six. I`m not going to pretend to like it, and lie and say that Tom Brady is my favorite quarterback while being super excited that the Patriots won the Superbowl, just to impress someone or be accepted.

Given I`ve never really taken the time to learn the game, I have watched snippets here and there, and this is what I have observed: There are too many whistles and the majority is them standing there waiting for the refs to call something, five seconds after the last call had finally been decided upon. There isn`t enough action to keep me interested for the three to four hours it takes for a game to finish. It`s a lot of talking done by the announcers, then spurts of zero to twenty seconds where something actually happens before these two things repeat.

I`m not opposed to learning more about the game, understanding plays, and having more of a reason to be baffled (or not) when they don`t just run the ball into the end zone more often (pretty sure they want points more than another down, but what do I know) would be very nice. I would actually really like to go to a game with someone who is willing to explain what is happening and the decisions that are being made. I can respect that it takes commitment to the game to play it and time to learn and become a good player, but I do not think that there should be so much emphasis placed on this aspect of life. Kids are told/given this idea that they have to be good at a sport and earn a full ride scholarship to college, and academics are put on the back burner. If football were to end tomorrow, the world would keep spinning.

One thing I can appreciate about this sport and others is the passion people have for the game. They cheer, they laugh, they get angry- They come together to support others. I love watching the excitement, and how animated people get. That is what I enjoy, watching others have a good time. I don`t have to think "football is life" in order to see how much of an impact someone else`s life can have on another person. These players inspire kids to chase their dreams. They work to give others a break from their jobs, entertain and distract them for a few hours.

I still think football is overrated, however the idea behind it is something to consider. It shows you how to work together, allows you to bond with others, and can bring out a whole other you. Sometimes it just takes a bunch of sweaty guys running back and forth on a field for people to connect and find themselves.

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