In this time of great divide and disagreement, there's one thing we can all agree on. Ranch dressing is amazing. There's no doubt about that. And if there is anyone that disagrees with that, they are probably insane and have no taste.

Ranch dressing has joined the ranks of hot sauce and ketchup in the category of "Sauces and/or condiments people say you can put on anything." While ketchup probably doesn't deserve to be in that category, ranch certainly does. These people are late to the party, because I've been putting ranch on weird things since I was a child, and have found some interesting discoveries. Since I am a writer, I have decided to share some of these fascinating discoveries with all of you.

Here are six foods that taste great with ranch dressing.

1. Red Apples

This might not be unexpected because apples are sometimes put in salads, but I don't think most restaurants put ranch dressing on apple salads. However, they really should. Because apples, specifically red apples, in ranch are delicious. The sweetness of the fruit pairs perfectly with the herbs in the dressing. And if you aren't a fan of eating crunchy fruits, like myself, the ranch makes the crunch less severe.

2. Grapes

This is more of an unexpected fruit than apples, but the flavors you experience are the same as red apples. However, purple, red and green grapes pair perfectly with ranch dressing, unlike apples, who only have one color that works.

3. Macaroni and Cheese

Want to make your mac and cheese even creamier? Add ranch! Ranch makes the mac and cheese creamier and even more savory than it is on its own. However, it doesn't mask or overwhelm the naturally delicious flavor of mac & cheese. If you want an even more complex flavor, add the hot sauce with the ranch.

4. French Fries

I remember seeing a commercial for powdered Hidden Valley Ranch that mentioned making potatoes with ranch, which is delicious by the way. Naturally, potatoes fried in oil are delicious as well. I like ketchup with fries, and even mustard with fries, but ranch with might be the best addition to fried potatoes. I said "might" because cheese sauce also might be the best.

5. Nacho Cheese Doritos

My favorite specific type of chip works perfectly with my favorite condiment. It's heaven. Pure heaven. I know it sounds like stoner food, I don't know because I've never been stoned, but it tastes amazing sober. Ranch dressing also works on actual nachos, if you were wondering.

6. Oreos

Don't knock it till you try it. It's actually kind of good.

Honorable Mention (Even Though It's Already Becoming A Thing):

Cheese pizza. Just cheese pizza, because the toppings mask the flavor. It's friggin' delicious. Just like the rest of this.