"FOMO" And It's Side Effects

The Truth About 'FOMO' And Its Side Effects

A lot of people suffer from it.


FOMO- a feeling of absence whenever one cannot be in attendance to a specific event.

Broken down, "FOMO" is simply an acronym for "Fear Of Missing Out."

I'm sure almost everyone reading this can relate; the real reason we attend events sometimes is not because we absolutely 100% want to, but because we fear what we'll be missing if we do not attend.

Nowadays, nothing is lowkey.

If a frat has a date party, it's posted on Snapchat. If Betty is on vacation, it's posted on Instagram. If there's celebrity beef, it's on Twitter.

The main reasoning "FOMO" even exists, in my opinion, is the brilliant yet painful invention of social media.

And I have come to terms with the fact that what you know can't hurt you.

Obviously, that statement is a little dramatic for a situation like this. Missing out on the sweaty frat party Friday night probably isn't that deep.

But there are some people (like myself) that just don't understand how to take it easy sometimes.

After waking up early Monday-Friday for classes, studying, working out, attending meetings, socializing; it's all a lot. By Friday night, a normal human being would be exhausted.

If there is anything that has taken me way too long to learn this past semester, it's this: It's OK to stay in on a Friday night.

It's OK to put on a face mask, lay in bed, and pretend you have 0 responsibilities. Because honestly, it's most likely what your body is begging you to do.

On top of that, I'd also like to add that "FOMO" isn't a real thing. It's literally an idea brought upon us by ourselves for fear of being alone. It's time to stop being so afraid of alone time.

Though this may sound a bit hypocritical coming from a girl who suffers from "FOMO" herself, I'm honestly writing this as an open letter to myself, and whoever else it may concern.

There will be plenty of weekends, plenty of parties, plenty of sleepless nights awaiting your future. So when your body is telling you to take it easy, be kind to yourself. Relax.

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